pueblo city council denies attendees to speak on second amendment rally for our rights

In March, during the heart of the “Red Flag” ERPO debate, Pueblo City Council Member Mark Aliff announced he would be presenting a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution at the March 25th regularly scheduled council meeting.  This was on the heels of over half the counties in Colorado adopting similar resolutions, as well as many municipalities, in response to a poorly written and downright dangerous piece of legislation Democrats in the Colorado legislature were considering – HB19-1177 “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders ERPOs.  This bill did pass by one vote with all Republicans and three Pueblo Democrats voting against it. It is awaiting the governor’s signature.

I attended the Pueblo City Council Meeting with friends from Pueblo, and I witnessed first hand a gross abuse of power via manipulation of standard protocol, effectively silencing those who were there to speak on the resolution.  It was blatantly obvious this was planned prior to the meeting and I have submitted a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request with the city to find exactly what went down.

Here’s a synopsis of how the meeting went:

• The announcement of the resolution came approx one week prior to the meeting.  Communication with the council member presenting the resolution told us comment on the resolution would be taken during general public comment at the beginning of the meeting.  This is standard for anything unless it is a specific hearing on an ordinance, as is outlined in council rules.

• Upon arrival, it was discovered public comment on this topic only was moved to later in the meeting when the resolution would be be discussed.  A separate sign up was used for this one topic, and anyone who had signed up for public comment on this topic was reserved to include with the others.

• In the past if public comment was to be taken at the time the resolution is presented, that comment is given PRIOR to the motion being moved.  In this case, they moved the motion first, then asked for a second, which didn’t come and the council president found that as terms for denial of the resolution that no one had been allowed to speak to!  This is unbelievable, as the job of city council is to act on behalf of the citizens. If they do not even allow citizens to speak, they cannot and do not represent them.

• Many people in attendance were angry.  Everyone left the room where local media interviewed people from both sides of the issue.  After attendees left, the council continued to discuss what had just happened, with the main discussion participants being the city attorney, council president Dennis Flores, and the council member who put forth the resolution, Mark Aliff.

Watch the video for yourself to see how despicable these antics were, then scroll down to learn what you can do.

Here’s what you can do:

Attend the next city council meeting and sign up to speak during public comment.  Let them know EXACTLY what you think of this power move.

Monday, April 8th, 7:00pm
1 City Hall Place
3rd Floor
Pueblo, CO 81003

Contact all city council members by email and phone.

Bob Schilling
[email protected]

Larry Antencio
[email protected]

Ed Brown
[email protected]

Ray Aguilera
[email protected]

Dennis Flores
[email protected]

Chris Nicol
[email protected]

No time to contact them all individually?  Copy/paste this email list and send your email to them all!

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

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91 thoughts on “Pueblo, CO City Council SHUTS DOWN Public Comment On SECOND AMENDMENT SANCTUARY Resolution

  1. Patriot Solutions says:

    Quite obviously RIGGED, RIGGED, RIGGED!



    Taxation = NO REPRESENTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patriot Solutions says:

    The facts about false flags.
    Can go on FB and see people complying and being dragged away.


  3. Patriot Solutions says:

    “We are in a civil war in this country,” diGenova told Ingraham.


  4. Patriot Solutions says:

    Los Animas County just became sanctuary against false flag confiscation.

  5. Patriot Solutions says:

    Nullification by widespread resistance to unlawful home invasion/breaking and entering criminal theft grand larceny by tyrants under way in Colorado to preserve the peace as written in the plain English text of 2A.

  6. Patriot Solutions says:

    Is it not clear why Colorado banned high cap mags?

    What next the screws that hold it together?

    Why such a high demand for compliance to our own genocide?

    My right to defend my life came from GOD when he granted me life and it is against my religion to comply with my own genocide by obeying regulations that conflict with the gift of life GOD granted me but nice try tyrant. Nice try! The only papers I need are those contained within The Holy Bible.

  7. Patriot Solutions says:

    Town of Silver Cliff a new 2A sanctuary!

    Pssst, Hey tyrant, WE THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO COMPLY!

  8. Patriot Solutions says:

    “The old Soviet Union bolsheviks could not have done better.”

    “The 2nd Amendment is THE LINE IN THE SAND. ERPO must be defeated. And then the libs who voted for it are next. Repeal. Recall. Stand up for our Constitution. It is now or never. Molon Labe.”


  9. Patriot Solutions says:

    “Happiness is a warm gun”.

    The motive behind gun registrations, licenses and permits revealed aka Kool Aid folks yes that’s right that good ol Government Kool Aid. Same Kool Aid they put in those Federal gun laws.


  10. Patriot Solutions says:

    Good job Leslie and thank you!
    Please keep exposing these tyrants, were watching and making note.
    The Colorado Militia (We The People) stand with you.

  11. Patriot Solutions says:

    Hegelian Dialectic manipulation of civilization explained by Bill Cooper. False flag gun related operations are Hegelian Dialectic manipulation to take your guns. This is what they put in the Kool Aid.


  12. Patriot Solutions says:

    When you REFUSE TO COMPLY to your masters explained.


  13. Patriot Solutions says:

    “All gun laws are unconstitutional by the very definition outlines in the Second Amendment as a protected right.”

    The Hegelian Dialectic Kool Aid is so good in NatSoc colony USA that it’s no longer acceptable only the punish the criminal but society must be punished for the criminals crime also and is one reason why communism has failed globally throughout history.


    Bill talks political spectrum.


  14. Richard says:

    The attempts to destroy all of our inalienable, inherent rights accelerated with the propaganda which began several decades with the now familiar ,oft repeated phrase, ” The Constitution is an old, outmoded document which doesn’t apply well to today’s society,and just be radically changed for society’s well being”.
    To this we just reply, ” Necessity is the demand and reason given by every tyrant through history in their pursuit of authoritarian control and removal of freedoms.. ”
    A people claiming freedom should never allow the collective guilt,blame, and responsibility rap propaganda invade their mind.
    You are not to be punished , or your freedoms abridged due to the actions of others who abuse their liberties.
    ” Americans used to road like lions for liberty, now they bleat like sheep for security”
    Don’t fall for the lies.

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      Right, “Don’t fall for the lies” coming from ALL OF THEM aka Kool Aid.

      Demand they deliver what they promised when campaigning.


    2. Patriot Solutions says:

      A right that is inalienable can not be taken because it exists within ones self as a value a person possess. Those people despise values as much as morals and is why they seek holocaust as the remedy to their insanity because what we value can’t be sanctioned only threatened by them. They don’t seek intellectual debates they can’t win therefore murder is a sociopaths only solution to fulfill their madness. Have you not noticed that since they intentionally closed many asylums for the insane that now they walk among us. It was planned folks. Lol.

  15. Patriot Solutions says:

    “Individual liberty and freedom,” said US District Court Judge Roger Benitez, “are not outmoded concepts. This decision is a freedom calculus decided long ago by Colonists who cherished individual freedom more than the subservient security of a British ruler. The freedom they fought for was not free of cost then, and it is not free now.”

    Freedom has never been obtained by surrendering, never. Those who surrender deserve no respect.

    “The judge also ripped into California representatives and the governor by declaring that they were, in essence, making them a victim which more criminals would prey on as they infringed on the God-given right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms while being oblivious to the fact that criminals could care less about their ban.”


    Apparently Judge Roger Benitez is not a Kool Aid consumer.

  16. Patriot Solutions says:

    US District Court Judge Roger Benitez says freedom is not free and Bill Cooper said exactly the same thing.

    You can support slavery by gun control or freedom but if you choose slavery by gun control why bother even having one? For all of those who support slavery by gun control then go surrender your guns first. Lead by example!


  17. Patriot Solutions says:

    Personally speaking I support full constitutional rights to the left minus all that (Kool Aid) unconstitutional gun control and with a little luck if we just stand back out of range they will possibly march each other off to their own firing squads trying to take Trump down and wipe out the Constitution/country. Supply them gas for their fire, it is raging.

    Watching them roll out all those same old used up lies and playing the race card as they have done throughout history is the clearest indication that they are struggling in desperation trying to maintain the illusion of control. It’s like watching the 3 Stooges but better because there’s a lot more than just 3 of them. Looooooooooooooool.

    WE THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO COMPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Patriot Solutions says:

    Communist propaganda could never ever make sense even on it’s best day. Facts and communist propaganda are each completely opposite sides of the spectrum of truth and is why you are not allowed to speak against them or even question them for that matter because they do actually know this so they don’t want their Kool Aid exposed and Kool Aid is their most powerful weapon against those who consume it.

  19. Patriot Solutions says:

    It states 2A is The Supreme Law of the land which defines it as the highest gun law we have in America so if you obey gun control then you are in fact in violation of the law and that’s why gun control is illegal. The object is to make every citizen a criminal multiple times over. Death by regulation to the extent of legalized home invasion identical to Hitler. Facts are undeniable and is why Nancy says they don’t listen to them when you present them. Fact is that Hitler didn’t listen to facts either. Facts of holocaust are irrelevant according to holocausters.

  20. Patriot Solutions says:

    History not taught in school about Americas NAZI roots which is now bringing about the holocaust here in America.


  21. Patriot Solution says:

    The gun confiscation list.


  22. Patriot Solutions says:

    Ken Buck says NAZIs have rights to 1St Amendment. Perhaps I should convert and hire out as a rep.


  23. Patriot Solutions says:

    Death by firearm since Jan 1 2019

    Accidental 171
    Homicide 3420
    Suicide 4514
    Used in self defense 648,674

    Kool Aid detected:
    The used in self defense statistic is the one that gets under their skin. It obstructs depopulation and authoritarians.

    Sources widget: http://jpfo.org/

  24. Patriot Solutions says:

    “Congressman Jason Crow wants federal rules to ensure members of Congress gain entry into immigration facilities within 48 hours of a request.” (so they can protect their agenda)

    Maybe this guy can help citizens be heard at government hearings?
    Nah, probably not what was I thinking.
    If only the rights of Americans were this important to the Bolsheviks. “If” could easily be one of the biggest words. If you were locked up do you think he would care? If I had a Penney for every………………………………………………………………/-*?_


  25. Patriot Solutions says:

    I don’t hear any demands to ban automobiles from the religion of peace for attempting to slaughter innocent Americans with them.

    It’s a good thing that peace was not brought to the intended victims.


  26. Richard says:

    Here in D.C. On vacation . Visiting the sites of those who sought liberty.
    Several cases in media of Muslims who nearly got away with ramming pedestrians with a vehicle. Betting it’s not covered in Colorado ?
    Sen Gardner’s office staff very good. Have us a tour of Capitol.
    Quickly walked by Sen Pelosi’s office. She probably hates the statues nearby of the Founders.
    Mt Vernon tmrw.

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      Were still here stomping mud holes in them holding down the fort Richard. Polis says Muslims are great that we don’t have anything to fear from them and for once he is correct I don’t fear them. Not even in the slightest.

      If you see Nancy get a pic with her doing that Star Trek hand sign, it really cracks me up but don’t stand too close to her something might rub off that you don’t want to catch.

      Here’s some local verbal lynching of lefty’s to enjoy.

      “Any elected official who would sponsor or vote for such a law which blatantly violates the basic rights and guaranteed freedoms of the citizens they represent should be disqualified from holding public office.”


      The right declares constitutional sanctuary for peace and the left declares unconstitutional sanctuary for crime.

  27. Patriot Solutions says:

    Lefty’s attack police and I suppose that’s why my local Sheriffs Dept. is barricaded to provide cover against lefty attacks.


    Stay alert folks.

  28. Patriot Solutions says:

    Hick plays race card and picks up after Barry apologizing for America because he is a Bolshevik and blames the militia for the Sandcreek massacre when it was the US Army not the militia. He tries to discredit his enemy that he declares war upon so please REMEMBER THESE FACTS BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE MORE MEANING IN THE FUTURE AS HE FORCES AMERICA INTO CIVIL CONFLICT PLAYING ALL SIDES AGAINST EACH OTHER LIKE HIS FOOLS TO GET WHAT HE WANTS AT OUR EXPENSE.

    Hick is a liar, straight up and it looks like he is being coached by Barry.

    “As governor, Hickenlooper issued a formal apology for the Sand Creek Massacre at a Dec. 2, 2014, ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol marking the 150th anniversary of the attack by a Colorado territorial militia on Cheyenne and Arapaho villagers in southern Colorado.”


    The Militia has a statement to issue to Hick but we are far too classy to post what we really think so we’ll just leave this to what we state above. Skinny little beady eyed Rat of a liar that he is……………………………………… grasping (those hands) wildly at thin air with every lie flying loosely out of his pie hole. Whoops, that slipped!

  29. Patriot Solutions says:

    Jerry’s Kids (Swellmouth) run for President after threatening to nuke Americans who refuse to surrender.


    Swellmouth reminds me of when trash gets all those maggots in it while he makes run for the gold after threatening to nuke us. Like I said folks this is exactly like the 3 Stooges but live and there’s lot’s of them so it’s even funnier.


    I told you they were in on this scam and this proves it because he is them.

  30. Patriot Solutions says:

    Swellmouth (Jerry’s Kids) runs for President on platform of gun confiscation. This guy was first in line for his shots. I expect at any moment his brother Stooge Slobbering Joe Kennedy will step out and announce his run with drool hanging down his face and running his mouth making no sense whatsoever like Hick. We need to reopen the asylums folks and get these psycho’s back in there with their lunatic radical Muslim killers from the religion of peace. Let them holocaust each other for the applesauce.


  31. Patriot Solutions says:

    Garfield County adopts 2A preservation resolution.

    Welcome to our resistance to tyranny Garfield, glad you choose America.

    Red Flag null & void by process of redeclaring the Constitutions as The Supreme Law of The Land REAUTHORIZED AND ENFORCED BY WE THE PEOPLE!

    Gun control now officially DOA!

    No more Kool Aid!


  32. Patriot Solutions says:

    Gas station clerk fired for defending his life right here in America.


    Can always get another job but your life is not replaceable. Kool Aid would lead you to believe you must comply with rules and regulations that prevent your GOD granted right to self defense leaving you choking on your own blood. You can go watch the Somali Muslim gangs in America going after white people on the streets in broad daylight to see this holocaust first hand. It’s why they regulate you out of your defense like Hickenstoopers mag ban.


  33. Patriot Solutions says:

    Liberty has never been obtained by begging for it, just ask the founding fathers. Governments only seize liberty, they do not protect it because they view freedom as a threat to their agenda of absolute control. The founding fathers did not request liberty from tyrants, they seized it by force. You will not be granted any liberty of which you have not earned with your own two hands. You will not purchase liberty at the grocery store or Walmart. You will have to sow it from seed, water it and yield it from your own labor.

    “There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.” – Letter to Elbridge Gerry from George Washington, January 29, 1780

  34. Patriot Solutions says:

    Death by firearm since Jan 1 2019

    Accidental 173
    Homicide 3452
    Suicide 4555
    Used in self defense 654,603

    Compare these numbers to yesterdays numbers posted above and the Kool Aid of misinformation they use against you is blatant and note how many more lives were saved with a firearm since yesterday compared to the other numbers.

    Kool Aid is the gov’s best weapon to enslave you into their total control dominant slavery agenda.

    Frog is boiling now.

    Sources widget: http://jpfo.org/

  35. Patriot Solutions says:

    Federal tyrants down both sides of the line where no line really exists attack America again. Upon close observation one can clearly see there is no party line just scammers to the left of us and scammers to the right. Let’s no forget Republicans sat there applauding Barry as he created and signed laws without Congress doing anything. No congressional approval or anything just complete authoritarianism. Both sides brought the radical Muslims into America. Both sides refuse to secure the country. Both sides are pushing gun control to feed you to your enemies that they imported. Both sides serve you Kool Aid. Both sides are the same side.


  36. Patriot Solutions says:

    Jokers to the left of me and jokers to right here I am stuck in the middle…………………………………………………………………………………………


  37. Patriot Solutions says:

    The Constitution is not dead as they would lead you to believe with the Kool Aid.


  38. Patriot Solutions says:

    Or is it?

    “America – You are under Admiralty Law of the Holly Sea of ROME and their Gold Fringe Flag – not constitutional law, or common law, or civil law, or statute law – The BAR Esquire Court system is the enabler of all the crime being done to the ranchers and others good people around the world – BAR standing for (British Accreditation Regency) The BAR is a Franchise of the Jesuit Knight Templar’s Vatican “Crown” Corporation of England – Your trusted U.S. Esquire Judges and Attorneys operate without a licenses and owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the Crown Temple Secret Society and with that Esquire Noble Title they are a part of England not America – Let’s take a look at the Ratified Original 13th Amendment called the Title of Nobility Amendment:”


  39. Patriot Solutions says:

    Candidate Swollenmouth triggered by founding fathers, demands surrender due to being outgunned by Americans.


  40. Patriot Solutions says:

    Okay you got about an hour to surrender those Ban Stocks or you’re a felon and you can go join the growing resistance of Mag Ban & gun papers resistance to tyranny.

    Thanks for joining the resistance our door is always open to those who love America!

    Thomas Jefferson said, “The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it”​ This guy was smart.

  41. Patriot Solutions says:

    They say the 1st Amendment is used by terrorists & traitors.

    On Dec. 6, 2001, Attorney General John Ashcroft informed the Senate Judiciary Committee, “To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty … your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and … give ammunition to America’s enemies.”


    Invaders demand compliance.

  42. Patriot Solutions says:

    Permit & Registration attached below.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Molon Labe

  43. Patriot Solutions says:

    “The wisdom of the framers of the Constitution is consistent with the lessons of the Bible. Instruments of defense should be dispersed throughout the nation, not concentrated in the hands of the central government. In a Godly country, righteousness governs each man through the Holy Spirit working within. The government has no cause to want a monopoly of force; the government that desires such a monopoly is a threat to the lives, liberty and property of its citizens. The assumption that only danger can result from people carrying guns is used to justify government monopoly of force. The notion that the people cannot be trusted to keep and bear their own arms informs us that ours, like the time of Solomon, may be one of great riches but is also a time of peril for free people. If Christ is not our King, we shall have a dictator to rule over us, just as Samuel warned.”


    From GOD babe, read it and weep you tyrant!

  44. Patriot Solutions says:

    Religion of peace brings gun to school because he is peaceful. (sarc)

    Validating our 2A right to self defense issued by the real GOD of creation.


  45. Patriot Solutions says:

    2A only reaffirms a right not issues it. This right is equivalent to the right to be the color you are. It’s equivalent to your right to breath air. As the list of those who refuse to comply grows I’m waiting for the law to come out that says you must hold the firearm in a reversed position never pointing the barrel at your attacker that it will be a felony to resist your death and I highly suggest when this law comes out that you REFUSE TO COMPLY.
    (Never hold a firearm in a reversed position even if it is the law that you must do so).
    Holocausters make self defense unlawful preceding holocausts. Can you imagine how hard it is to holocaust armed populations.

  46. Patriot Solutions says:

    Unarmed French people are under attack by their own government and radical Muslims. Just imagine if they were armed what a difference it would make. Make note of these facts because America is next.

    In Europe the gov puts out red steel boxes on the sidewalks for the law abiding citizens to surrender their knives by placing inside these boxes then those pesky Muslims gather those knives up and use them on those who surrendered them so if these boxes begin appearing in America you have now been warned.

  47. Patriot Solutions says:

    The best proof that unconstitutional gun control is an old failed outdated radical un-American policy is because criminals still have guns. It’s an undeniable fact.

    Like the war on drugs (people) has created drug proliferation the war on guns (people) is driving people to arm up. I think it’s a great way to get everybody armed to the teeth. Obama sold massive amounts of arms with his rhetoric and I’m thinking these politicians have got to be getting a cut of the action from the sales they drive like the drugs. Prohibition is one of the best sales techniques known to man to include shortages in the supply chain which drives pricing. Threaten the consumer, restrict usage and access then penalize for possession = profit. Mafia mathematics at it’s finest. Business as usual.

  48. Patriot Solutions says:

    Death by firearm since Jan 1 2019

    Accidental 176
    Homicide 3524
    Suicide 4650
    Used in self defense 668,273

    Compare these numbers to the numbers posted above in my other posts and the Kool Aid of misinformation they use against you is blatant and note how many more lives were saved with a firearm in comparison to the other numbers and note the rate of increase in these numbers.

  49. Patriot Solutions says:

    Void federal gun laws and all state laws that go beyond the Constitutions.


  50. Patriot Solutions says:

    Rights don’t require permission, permits & registrations. They can’t be taken away. Don’t confuse Rights with Privileges.
    Gun control is tyranny.
    Unarmed citizens are called victims. Papers = confiscation.


  51. Patriot Solutions says:

    Once they expand the list of Red Flag war on The People and expand prohibited persons and ban guns which is all in the works right now they will attack from state and federal to disarm Americans. The gun control Kool Aid precedes holocaust and is wicked brew. Comply to your own demise.

  52. Patriot Solutions says:

    Once they attack 100/1 you will take your own life and the state propaganda machine will report you as a criminal and the gun violence machine will roar with your defeat exactly as it does this very minute then you will be added to the statistics Kool Aid to create more prohibited persons to continue to attack until a parking ticket or vehicle that is the wrong color is justification to add you to the list. Incremental gun confiscation and disarmament of Americans is now consuming steroids. Gun control Kool Aid is blatantly obvious now and until you REFUSE TO COMPLY your compliance is required. Bearing arms is life, surrendering them is death. The reason you have them is because you descend from the founders and the reason they had them was to use them to keep them to hand them off to you for the same. Liberty was not issued it was seized and declared.

  53. Patriot Solutions says:

    Jokers on the left and jokers on the right!

    Understand this point jokers/tyrants.


    DC demands gun confiscation and Republicans scramble to justify it while both parties throw the constitution in the trash. NOT A DEMOCRACY, THIS IS A REPUBLIC. Both parties play constituents against each other in the old divide to conquer game once again. Good cop, bad cop.


  54. Patriot Solutions says:

    So the same government that brought us this much gun control is going to fight gun control?
    The plethera of constitutional violations of GOD granted rights is not enough to simply throw this pile of trash in the fire?
    We must have a meeting to determine where to go from here?
    Hahahaha. They are a joke laughable even.
    It will be interesting to see what their story (scam) turns out to be to justify their illegal behavior.
    The guys trucking illegals to city’s by the millions are going to save our rights as if they are GOD.
    Aren’t they busy enough spraying chem trails?

  55. Patriot Solutions says:

    Would it be prudent to ask these politicians why they want to confiscate guns from Americans when they have placed training camps on US soil, refuse to secure our country and are to begin trucking in illegals by the millions?
    Guns are an issue but these things are not?

  56. Patriot Solutions says:

    Still waiting for deep state traitors to be hauled off while defending your rights?
    Keep waiting and watch these illusions blow away in the wind while your rights prevail as headline news in the fake government paid for and programmed propaganda while they smash your door down and drag off your kids because the doctor called on you. It why docs have for years asked if you have guns. Medical martial law. UPS gearing up to bring police and doctors to your house to force you into submission and your guns are an issue because you just might not like being assaulted with their deadly weapons. Guns bad, depopulation good. Get it.

  57. Patriot Solutions says:

    Will they threaten and attacking you more or less after you’re disarmed?

    This is a easy one.

  58. Patriot Solutions says:

    Oprah says kill all white people so go Red Flag her and see how far you get.

    And good luck!

  59. Patriot Solutions says:

    Goliath suffered from the GOD complex too and if they thought they could physically beat you into submission they would have done so years ago instead of using the fake government paid for and preprogrammed propaganda machine receiving its orders every morning at 4 am like clockwork from alphabet soup. Both sides are driven by the exact same alphabet soup and CFR. Know scammers when they are scamming you into their chaos. They must divide and conquer America from all angles at the same time. Like candidate Swellmouth says Americans have them vastly out numbered and therefore you must surrender to their demands. When you figure out those fake words on paper are for nothing more than to control you to your own demise we’ll be making real progress. Those words on paper only apply to Americans and not them by the way but it makes for a good show watching them act out hearings and fake indictments and so forth.
    RECALL POLIS before he swells up anymore than he is now. Super inflated ego maniacs like him hit the canvas hard.


  60. Patriot Solutions says:

    Gun candy.


    Thank you Antifa and other radicals for verifying why there is a second Amendment.

  61. Patriot Solutions says:

    Staged on the border today trucked in tomorrow to a city near you and USA is France. So much for that silly wall scam it had to wear off sooner or later. They’re ALL in on it folks, every last one of them and if you haven’t figured out by now why they are frothing over gun confiscation then I have some real nice beach front property in Wyoming that you just might be interested in purchasing. Lol (sarc)
    Invasion force inbound and I’m guessing it will move quickly so they can amass themselves fast for the war. Like he said about 2.5 months ago on twitter, “Americans will not go quietly in the night”.

  62. Patriot Solutions says:

    Politicians that write illegal laws null & void their own authority. They are a joke. We’re not complying because we don’t have to.


  63. Patriot Solutions says:

    The Lions list of demands.

    1, Abolish, null & void all federal tyranny gun control. 2A is the supreme law of the land. Get into compliance!
    2, Abolish all gun registrations and permit requirements. 2A is the supreme law/permit/registration of the land.

    Government has zero authority over Bill of Rights.

    Sheep no more!

    WE REFUSE TO COMPLY to disarmament by a tyrant submitting to our own genocide.

    Molon Labe

  64. Patriot Solutions says:

    Bill Cooper told us many years ago in his book “Behold A Pale Horse” which you can get online and is in large print so it’s easily digestible about all the shootings gov was going to do to create a crisis to confiscate guns so when the politicians act out the role just remember that Bill spilled the beans on them many years ago and that ALL those politicians are in on it. Both sides of the isle though only side exists (good cop, bad cop politics of decision) state and federal. Don’t be deceived by their acting.

    Sheep no more!

  65. Patriot Solutions says:

    Brady bunch communists going after 2A sanctuary counties and Sheriffs.
    If they want the guns so bad let them try and take them and see how it works out, pathetic whining cry baby communists.


    Belsheviks get the ammo not the gun.

  66. Patriot Solutions says:

    12 minutes to midnight for gun confiscation.


    Boogie woman psyop in Denver to take your rights for the holocaust.

    Not hard to figure out that Pope signed over to Islam your holocaust and he is owned by the big banker who is part of the crown and that he also owns America equals crown rule of USA and big banker is those who you can’t speak against. Follow the money see where it leads. Facts are undeniable. Still time to research and not be sheeple. Do not give them up, your life depends upon your ability to protect it.
    Holocaust inbound.

  67. Patriot Solutions says:

    The big banker and crown get a paycheck for each American they holocaust from when they incorporated your name as a business and traded it on the stock market where it is current in all capitol letters so you see if you follow the money you quickly see it is true that money is the root of all evil and there is a physical price dollar amount on your head once you’re dead. Holocaust pays large dividends and those stock street communists are on the list too just not smart enough to know it. Black, white, Asian etc all on the list none are exempt. Green money doesn’t differentiate between race.
    Welcome to the holocaust of world government.


  68. Patriot Solutions says:

    We were betting she would be dead later in the day. Notice how these psyop players get dead by self inflicted gun shot? Coincidence? Nah. Psyop, hagelian Dialectic false flags to control you. Enjoy the fake narrative spin coming it’s guarranteed to be hilarious.


    No more Kool Aid it’s a toxic brew.

  69. Patriot Solutions says:

    And if you think it is just a coincidence that the guy who shot Reagan lived just a few miles from where they say they found her then stop drinking the Kool Aid. Not a coincidence and not in the news. Catching on yet to how this works?

  70. Patriot Solutions says:

    They told citizens in Europe that migrants were not going to harm them too that everything was going to be just fine not to worry. Now they’re unarmed and fighting for their lives. Incremental invasion holocaust by consistent deception from every source. If you haven’t figured out by now that actors in Hollywood and actors in gov are identical then the Kool Aid still has its grip on you. Personally I can’t stand the stuff.😎
    Remember, if you have papers for your toys they fell off the boat in a fishing accident and if you have a carry permit, well sorry about that. Papers are very unsafe to have but then we always knew that didn’t we.

  71. Patriot Solutions says:

    A study of the big banker Roth who funds America and you can learn he is Islam just watch for those Islam horns he has around and it’s obvious though nobody ever told us that about him and since he created Israel 71 years ago do you not understand how the Islamization of USA is/has occurred. Once they take the guns they will holocaust Christians just like they are and have done around the globe for centuries. Gun confiscation is this process of holocaust. If only the actors would have told this to us but instead they just serve Kool Aid. They really are good actors aren’t they. Kool Aid= wicked brew. Obama warned us about the Kool Aid because he knew we are addicted to it.

  72. Patriot Solutions says:

    Anybody can go play with,
    On 8 Chan or the Q larp and become famous like that girl that is older than 18. They are openly begging for contestants to play the game of take your rights and destroy America.

  73. Patriot Solutions says:

    I still have not seen any coverage about yesterday’s rally on the CIAMSN Mockingbird psyop but rest assured Antifa or BLM would have been headline front page material. I guess they’re too busy criminalizing Sol and that shotgun though beyond making a threat of which has yet to be clarified (possibly doesn’t even exist) to the best of my knowledge I have yet to hear of a crime committed though she and that shotgun are public enemy #1. Reminds me of the Salem witch trials. Cult justice. I’m wondering how many times they can use Columbine before it just gets so ridiculously obvious that things are not as they are presented to be but hey what a great run they got on this one.

  74. Patriot Solutions says:

    Road to ruin paved with Kool Aid.


  75. Patriot Solutions says:

    Rebellion by county.

    I DO NOT COMPLY to gun control because I am law abiding to the Constitution and Bill of Rights and gun control (all of it) is illegal.


  76. Patriot Solutions says:

    Mega paychecks could have actually went to preserving rights instead of padding bank accounts. Never was one to think much of needing to be listed on the cowboys “asset column” to have a gun.
    Money is evil but it does not lie. Follow it, always.
    Jokers on the left and jokers on the right we could expose them by following the money all night.
    Too bad they don’t fight for the plain English text as 2A is written instead of which gun control is good and which is bad. Once you get away from the plain English text and begin deciding your own interpretation of what you think it means we are all done. 2A is clearly written. Anybody who can’t have a firearm is listed there. 2A is permit and registration both. In a word, (inalienable).


  77. Patriot Solutions says:

    If everybody was armed and shot their attacker just think how much less violent crime there would be. But then they know this and they would be short of dead Americans and our body count is required for depopulation. Gotta reduce your carbon footprint you know. I don’t ask my mommy for permission to speak nor do I ask permission to lock n load. The more they want to take guns the more guns I want. Guns = safety. No guns = genocide. Guns are the new Gold. See how it works.

  78. Patriot Solutions says:

    Gun control working precisely as planned.


    I don’t hear anybody calling to ban axes or even boyfriends for that matter. Probably call for more gun control from this though.

  79. Patriot Solutions says:

    If you have not figured out by now that religion is under attack then stop drinking the Kool Aid. When they come a killin on you be sure to obey the law because they need victims for the body count. Be sure to get your permits, registrations and 1 round magazines ready for action (confiscation) and be in attendance in gun free zones and country music venues etc. (sarc) when they come a blowin stuff up and on a killing rage tell them that (that can’t happen in America) like I’ve heard for years now. (double dose of sarc) Take my advice to lock n load and protect your lives and those you love. Old folks and neighbors too.
    It’s all 2A from here folks as it’s headed right to our front door.
    Nancy said “prepare for violence” and you should.


  80. Patriot Solutions says:

    On Infowars
    A Republic of Lies: PBS Admits Government Staging Terror Attacks To Take Freedoms aka false flag operations and Hegelian Dialectic. They also encourage, promote and recruit citizens for operations on the dark web such as 8 Chan etc. Incidents are not as organic as Americans are led to believe. The intelligence community stated many years ago that their success will be measured at 100% the day Americans know no truth at all. I like to call it Kool Aid. Drink the Kool Aid and lose your rights, country and life. They been successful feeding you Kool Aid so long now they are coming to reap their rewards that I just stated.
    Kool Aid is wicked brew!


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