ERPO Red Flag Passes Colorado Senate Rally for our Rights

HB19-1177 “Red Flag” Emergency Risk Protection Orders ERPO bill just passed the Colorado state senate by ONE VOTE! 18-17.

All Republicans and one Democrat voted against it in the Senate. It has already passed the House with all Republicans and two Democrats voting NO. Because it does have Senate amendments, it will go back to the house to vote on those amendments before making it’s way to the governor’s desk.

From here, I’ll be working with law enforcement across the state to put pressure on Governor Polis to either veto the bill, or send it back to the legislature for re-consideration. This effort will be BIG! How privileged are those lawmakers to pass law they will never have to enforce, while those who will have to enforce it are saying NO. I will also be working with the sheriffs to request an injunction that would prevent it from becoming law (if signed, it would officially become law on Jan 1, 2020).  Pledge your support for recalls here!


Phone: 303-866-2471
Online Contact:

Just like all of you, I’m furious. This piece of legislation is unbelievably bad. Although I will say in this current hyper-partisan body of government, I am proud of how far we have pushed this narrative, that votes were tough to get, and that Democrats crossed party lines in opposition, right down to it passing by a single vote. We are setting brushfires and this vote has only fueled those fires. We’re just getting started.

Feel free to use this post as a place to sound off. Let us know what you’d like to see next. We have a big event in the works that we’ve been waiting to announce based on this vote. Details coming soon on that.

In Freedom,
Lesley Hollywood, Rally For Our Rights Founder

ERPO Red Flag Passes Colorado Senate Rally for our Rights

60 thoughts on “Red Flag ERPO Bill Passes Colorado State Senate BY ONE VOTE!

  1. Richard says:

    We have state and national legislators for whom government is God.
    They believe some perfect Utopia can be created if only enough restrictive laws can be passed, and enough money is taken from the people to fund that effort .
    History shows that every nation which has taken that angle becomes oppressive.
    Some, so much so that they become greatly weakened, or self destruct.
    They missed the basic civics lesson that where liberty reigns, the people prosper.
    They have openly annonunced their desire for a severe socialist style government of one party rule with their movement to destroy the electoral college.
    They are drunk with power and self righteousness, divorced themselves from principles which had created the freest nation on Earth to which millions have aspired to become a part of .
    It will take the state of the nation to descend into further chaos before enough people awake to what they have done .
    All we can do is keep forwarding the cause of freedom, and inform those we can. It is having an effect, but be prepared for a long, long ,haul.

    1. Penny says:

      They don believe in any utopia, they just want total control.

      1. Richard says:

        They believe in a GREEN NEW DEAL utopia of socialism.
        They believe the nation will be better if they can just shut up the opposition through lies, smears, even physically attacking them.
        They love to create hoaxes demonstrating that the opposition are the enemy of all that is good.
        Read about Mao’s Cultural Revolution. They are using the same tactics.
        Their leaders call NRA members terrorists, watch soon for a smear campaign against this group.
        Several of their national leaders have publicly said America is, and was never good.
        Anyone who researches what’s happening can see they have the founders and the documents we were founded upon.
        They seem to recreate the nation into an authoritarian system.

        1. Patriot Solutions says:

          Yes Richard, It’s called cultural Marxism (aka tribalism) and is used to label each person into categories for targeting of the opposition.
          Hegelian Dialectic (aka false flags) is the creation of manufactured events to provoke a response so a remedy can be issued. Again this is used to control opposition to promote authoritarianism.
          They also stalk the opposition to portray a real time threat of violence against those who oppose their will. This typical precedes actual events of violence perpetrated against opposition figures. In our current situation of escalating accelerationism this is already going on for years electronically and physically.
          The authoritarian system is and has been in place for some time. What we are witnessing is the mask coming off and this authoritarianism trickling into the states from farther up the chain of command for the purpose of creating a new society complete with a new set of rules. Balance is to be achieved in the new society through drama and violence. Those with a sense of patriotism that love their country and the constitutional rule of law are now enemy of the state. In order to ensure success they control all sides of the issue and throughout history the bankers have funded both sides of the war we know in our history to obviously control the outcome and today this is exactly the same with our current situation. None of this is by chance and every detail is planned with backup contingency plans. You can see the backups if you look closely at the playing field.

    2. Patriot Solutions says:

      Yes “Socialist style government”. Socialism is a nice palatable way to say communism and both come from exactly the same source which should be looked up for those who still don’t know because it’s vital information to our current situation. Communism could not exist without capitalism to conflict with and feed from. Once communism destroys it’s counterpart capitalism collapse of the system is eminent thus providing a path to a new society. Because both communism and capitalism derive from the exact same source both have been used as weapons against societies around the globe for a very long time successfully to manipulate societies. Throughout history people have yet to understand this manipulation and have been told to think what the manipulator tells them to think therefore history consistently repeats itself to the demise of civilization. The lengthy video I posted below breaks this down quite nicely. Indeed the state of the nation will continue to break down.

    3. john says:

      I never hear about Jared Polis until he was the elected. Then the first thing I heard was that he was the first Gay Governor in United States. I thought wow that’s his main qualification ? But immediately I knew two things would happen. He would not uphold the Second Amendment and Abortion laws would be relaxed. Bingo I called it. I think he’s another Manchurian.

  2. Richard says:

    Watching the local media coverage of this bill made me sick.
    Lack of real , objective analysis.
    Omission of basic facts in the bill.
    Quotes of , ” mostly rural counties opposed”, ( hint: rubes),
    Gee, most counties ARE rural !
    The Boulder mafia in charge of the state are basically unopposed by the their Toadies in the media.
    Go to complete Colorado for more real news.

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      I love it when they call me the opposition. It’s like getting a trophy for doing nothing. Makes me feel special though I’m not. When I go to the city they just stop and stare. I can read their minds and they’re thinking “there’s one”. If they only knew I was packing, lol. Now that they’re so radicalized they wont even talk to me on the phone or by e mail and I sure appreciate it. Those people are nuts they don’t even carry a pocket Constitution with them on their person like us in the Badlands. They think BUM’s (back up munitions) are something behind you. I cut Denver and Boulder out of my road map so I couldn’t get there. Burbs are close enough. That’s nothing though you should see me attempt to communicate with Californians. Just tried to hire an attorney there twice and neither of them want to talk to me after I tell them some real law. If you know the Constitution they report you. Put you on a list. Yep, it’s tough being a “Rube” but I like it.

  3. As with all terrible laws, the name is laughable. It’s not about “emergency protection” any more than the “Patriot Act” was patriotic. Both are Newspeak wording to hide what they really are. In this case, it’s simply a GUN GRAB!.

    The communists claim it’s to protect people, but the reality is that it won’t protect anyone, and will ultimately create standoffs with law enforcement and death on both sides.

    As shown in this article, the vast majority of deaths by firearm are suicides. This is an undeniable FACT.

    Now, let’s break down overall suicides. Half are by firearm, and around 25% are by Suffocation/Hanging, and 16% by Poisoning. If you break it out by sex, the #1 method for women to kill themselves is by POISON (36%).

    So, if the communists were TRULY concerned with “emergency protection”, they would instruct the jack boots to also take every rope, plastic bag, bottle of bleach, or any other poison while you’re at it. But, let’s be honest, we all know this isn’t about “emergency protection”. It’s, as stated before, about GUN GRABBING!

    In those RARE cases where someone seems to be planning to hurt others, there are much better methods to deal with that. How about them actually getting arrested for conspiracy to commit murder? If someone is TRULY a risk to others, as we’ve seen, there are other methods (Oklahoma City, 9/11, and the myriad of vehicles running people over for a religion).

    Now, for a few things to consider. What happens if Person 1 lives in a home with Person 2 and Person 3, and Person 1 is SWATTED by an ex or some other crazy communist, I mean Democrat (my bad). All are 18+, and all own their own firearms. Who’s guns do the communists mandate the jack boots steal? Do they steal only those belonging to Person 1? What happens if they steal the guns from Person 2 and Person 3? Why are the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of Person 2 and Person 3 allowed to be violated?

    Another thing to consider. Let’s assume those same 3 people live in the same house. Now, let’s assume they have put their firearms into a NFA Trust because of the moronic laws passed several years back banning standard capacity magazines, and other nonsense. By FEDERAL LAW, the TRUST owns the firearms, not Person 1. Do these communists realize their bill is in violation of federal law? Why is it that communists continually violate federal law?

    Let’s take this to the next logical step. Colorado’s “Make My Day Law” (18-1-704.5 C.R.S.). Police enter a home and attempt to STEAL Person 2’s firearms because Person 1’s ex is a piece of work. By STATE LAW, Person 2 can now begin blasting the jack boots enforcing this seriously UNCONSTITUTIONAL law. They are well within their rights to do so. Yeah, they’ll be murdered by the communist party and jack booted “police” (Stassi/SS, whatever), but at least the brain dead legislators in our state will sleep better at night with THEIR personal ARMED guards at their doors.

    1. Richard says:

      Another consideration: If the search can’t find the weapons listed, do they rip the house apart ? Dig up your yard?

      Arrest you for not ” cooperating?

      1. Patriot Solutions says:

        How does a “list” of weapons get created?

        Pictures of weapons?
        Hearsay/testimony that weapons exist?
        Registrations of weapons?
        Financial documents showing purchase of weapons?
        Concealed carry permits?

        Is a list a requirement of confiscation?

        Arrest you for not providing evidence (cooperate) against yourself in violation of the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution?

        History proves that gun control such as registrations and licensing is used by authoritarians for the purpose of confiscation. This fact is indisputable (see vid) and again I reiterate that providing evidence against one’s self is protected by the 5th Amendment therefore in this day of confiscation getting papers on firearms can produce evidence against one’s self. I never heard of a criminal that sought to obtain papers on their firearms.

    2. Patriot Solutions says:

      I was intentionally leaving out the make my day law to not sound threatening. lol.

      My house is possessed by the Founding Fathers and they speak to me at night as they stand guard.

      If you really want to dig into this issue this video really brings it home right to this present day. You will be able to clearly discern the manufactured crisis before us they have planned. It is important to note they control all sides if survival is your goal as is mine. I also think it is important to note that firearms have never been granted by authoritarians therefore any attempt to confiscate property in which they did not give is theft regardless of any words on paper. This video blows their cover and totally reveals them and their agenda.

  4. Doug Mueller says:

    Veto this!

  5. Patriot Solutions says:

    I remember not long ago that Colorado was appalled over the threat of the fed coming in and arresting County Sheriff’s that didn’t enforce marijuana prohibition laws within their jurisdiction. The state ran to the defense of Sheriffs to protect them. This morning other standard red necks like myself in the Badlands are telling me they are seeing on their screens the state threatening to arrest Sheriffs for not upholding the states unconstitutional and unlawful infringement of communist laws and I do equate that threat to overthrowing of my county government of which is elected by The People to protect them and administer the rule of law as prescribed within the plain English text of our Constitution of which I carry right here in my pocket. Sheriffs are not subordinate to the whim of state or federal officials in clear violation of the Constitution. We The People stand in solidarity and freedom with our duly elected county administrators/LE and resolve by proclamation to adhere to the rule of law prescribed in the Constitutions. The whims of tyrants do not supersede the supreme law of the land nor the will of The People.

    1. Richard says:

      Precisely. I email my local reps to point out that citizens are not beholden to follow unconstitutional laws.
      I email them polite, well informed letters on different issues.
      My ” representatives ” responses, which their websites encourage ? The chirp of crickets.
      They don’t want anyone disputing their lusting hrabs for more power and money.
      Like Dorian Grey, their corruption will eat them from the inside.

      1. Patriot Solutions says:

        I send them polite letters also and receive responses back from some who are still going by the Constitutions. I learned early in life to be loyal to my country and it’s founding documents now they attempt to destroy me for my love of country. Resistance is not a planned thing to me it is my foundation. I cant change my passion for freedom because I’m rooted into it deeply. It’s who I am. Without it I am nobody serving no purpose.
        With GOD as my witness,

  6. Richard says:

    I’d bet 90% of that brain trust don’t even know the story of Dorian Grey.
    You can go to Harvard for an English Literature degree today, and Shakespeare isn’t even required course material!
    ” My people perish for lack of knowledge” ( From that other “discredited “piece of writing, the

  7. Patriot Solutions says:

    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”
    Thomas Paine

    1. Richard says:

      Fort Collins council, local state reps in town, county commissioners, Coloradoan paper, all do not answer simple questions about climate change policy , red flag, oil and gas biz, electoral college, etc.
      All these are big issues of the day
      They claim on their websites to encourage citizen input and involvement, which is evidently BS up here. They must already be part of the new communist movement.
      What else is one to believe when they are silent, yet claim to be voices for the people.
      I hate sounding paranoid, try to keep a balance .
      Perhaps some are confused themselves, and know they have in their midst fellow leaders who have drunk the Kool Aid

      1. Patriot Solutions says:

        Yes Richard, those are communists and if you want them to go crickets just start reciting your rights and question them. Communists are not to be questioned because they’re special and have rights above ours among which is they’re right to not be bothered in their bubble of safe space. They implode inside of 16 seconds when I confront them it’s an amazing skill I’m blessed with. I closed my social media accounts years ago due to the daily death threats from communists now my friends still on social media let me know what’s going on there as they await to be banned for being American. It is my experience that when one gets really good at taking these communists to task which is real easy due to they’re based in deception they will send stalkers to do their dirty work and the founding fathers knew this so they wrote 2A to really get under the communists skin and look how well it works. You’re up there where the commies are at and though they say they represent you it is your voice that has been silenced by design through the deception of representation a very old trick. Ft Collins, Boulder, Denver and so forth is what we in the Badlands refer to as Hell. Out here we still have a voice, guns and the right to do as we please. Up there you have 1984 cameras watching your every move recording everything you do and I know this because I was just in Longmont signing the petition and could not believe the surveillance you are living under up there. It’s identical to China. It’s not a new communist movement but rather an old one removing it’s mask and it demands our silence and compliance to anything it scratch’s on paper. It is authoritarianism in it’s purest form. The Kool Aid is wicked stuff and even Barry say’s Americans are gulping it up in excessive amounts and he is correct.

        “And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.”
        Thomas Jefferson

  8. Patriot Solutions says:

    A study of previous conflicts reveals that once the border is closed to stop outside interests from supplying opposition forces thus paving the way for said interests to invade the country a false flag or multiple false flags also know as Hegelian Dialectic will occur within the country’s territory to spark a conflict. This is where the cultural Marxism comes into play. Those labeled negatively by said Marxism will become targeted by this conflict. The Red Flag fake law is part of this plan. One can see that this plan for conflict is slowly moving into place like an Anaconda. Though it’s really not that slow and Americans are soon going to be in the deep dark water all by carefully planned design. It’s kinda hard to see this through the Walmarts, gas stations, McDonalds, traffic lights etc but from the outside of the matrix looking in it is clearly visible. This information is openly discussed if you know where to engage in it. To know your future look to your past. The clock is ticking friends.

    1. Richard says:

      Great stuff. It will take a few thousand people to get active like this gentleman to give the tens of thousands , and then several millions , the courage to resist and actively get involved.

      1. Patriot Solutions says:

        Dude is smart. He armed up not down. Courage is great but being scared to death is a great motivator also. Fear can be a wonderful thing to experience when all your senses become so alert that you can taste the air, smell danger coming on it. Hear a pin drop at a hundred meters. Hair standing up in places you never noticed before, tunnel vision of the threat, can hear nothing but the threat, vision goes to black & white. Fear makes the best soldiers. Courage is a result of that fear. When death is eminent courage is born.

        “Unhappy it is… to reflect that a brother’s sword has been sheathed in a brother’s breast, and that the once happy and peaceful plains of America are either to be drenched with blood or inhabited by slaves. Sad alternative! But can a virtuous man hesitate in his choice?”
        George Washington

  9. Patriot Solutions says:

    Holocausters are not to be questioned. Questions expose deception the Devils best work. Out here in the Badlands we as a whole do recognize the government both state and fed depopulation/holocaust agenda and were talking about it. We recognize by the governments open admission their plan to exterminate class’s of people that they openly and publicly designate and even campaign on getting rid of. We clearly recognize their moves to be identical of past dictator authoritarian holocausters because the play book has not changed even in the slightest. Gun control is a symptom of the greater disease of holocaust and the cure is not surrendering to it. The supporting facts are blatant. A question for consideration is with all those 1984 cameras watching your every move and recording everything you do how is it that your still not protected against being murdered and furthermore with a phone in every persons hand murder still is not prevented and now the holocausters want to steal your defense tools and swat you with home invasions for your own good in the name of what a holocauster says is best for the community. Out here in the Badlands you can research for yourself if you like but we have kidnappings, murders, people found dead in torched cars, people saying they are cops and when you open the door for them you find they are there to murder you and not cops and people trying to kidnap-rob- murder you at the store or gas station, people tailing you and stalking you to kill you for your stuff. I don’t call it the Badlands because it’s a wonderful place. It’s cartel land here, deadly. It is in fact lethal on it’s best day yet we are still a civil community that helps our neighbors. This is a conversation out here that we have among ourselves and we know self admitted holocausters when we see one. The holocaust should not be left out of the gun debate as they go hand in hand. Only those who seek to harm you seek to disarm you.

  10. Patriot Solutions says:

    “Independence Institute’s “Pro-Gun” Dave Kopel Sells Out Gun Owners”

    I sure do enjoy when people have a pair large enough to call out our own deceivers. People and organizations claiming “Pro Gun” status have been selling us out for uncountable years.
    Even the Colorado Constitution states that nobody’s right to self defense can be called into question yet somehow people still think that their rights supersede the rights of others. That they have an exclusive right to say who can and who cant have a gun. NOT TRUE but look how good that Kool Aid is working.

  11. Patriot Solutions says:

    If America spent half the time that they spend attacking the rights of citizens and stopping violent crime and locking those criminals up and blaming the gun we would not be here resisting authoritarians but then this thought is in direct conflict with importing and creating criminals and attacking Americans and the values of our country. You’re not going to see gov round up the criminal gangs and steal their guns so don’t hold your breath. Only those who are compliance based will be targeted aka the law abiding. Should round up those gang bangers and make em get concealed carry permits for the purpose of red flag confiscation. Lol, yeah, right, good luck.

  12. Patriot Solutions says:

    Here’s a view into the gun grabbers utopia once they pass Initiative 300. Authoritarian mafia drug cartel say “guns bad, meth good”. Look at the other cities totally destroyed by this and watch because it is just days away from wiping Denver out. Disarm the population and sell them meth because guns are dangerous. (sarc)

    I wonder how many people in the video can tell us any part of the Constitution and I wonder how many are headed to Colorado for the high life? I can tell you this for a fact they are many west of Denver right now waiting for this initiative to pass sleeping in cars and so forth right up on the mountain. Watch how fast this destroys Denver, you will be amazed. Oddly though they want to swat law abiding folks with home invasion robberies. If the police are unable to be with you every second of the day right now and provide personal protection to you just think about after the tents and meth start showing up on every sidewalk. If this doesn’t alarm you then nothing will. Heck, it alarms me and I don’t even live anywhere near Denver.

  13. Patriot Solutions says:

    Can’t arrest Sheriff Reams for not doing home invasion robberies of his citizens. He can’t be ordered to be a criminal. He is the highest law authority in the land elected by his citizens and not even the fed can arrest him for lawful conduct.
    Colorado gov has lost it’s xxxxing mind. This is propaganda to start civil unrest and everyone should BE ADVISED that this is exactly what it is trickling right out of the alphabet agencies. CNN has a very lengthy history of alphabet agency war propaganda so don’t be suckered into a losers bet!!!!

    Disclaimer: Never ever trust MSN propaganda alphabet agency propaganda for any reason.

  14. Juanita Treadwell says:

    In regards to HB 1177 Colorado’s red flag gun confiscation bill, nobody in Colorado should be allowed to toy with gun owners rights because the population of the state of Colorado is sparse (scant, scattered, thinly distributed, etc.). Every gun owner would be needed if there were ever an invasion on our beautiful state of Colorado. The population for the state of Colorado reported in 2017 was 5.61 million of which 2.8 million is in the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield metropolitan statistical area, the rest of the population is thinly distributed throughout the state; so, now, does everyone get the picture of how defenseless the sparse population of the state of Colorado would be if unarmed during an invasion. We must take the invasion of our border very seriously; they are not coming across our border to be our friends; it didn’t take long for the caravans from South America to reach our border and it wouldn’t take long for those people in the caravans to cross into any U.S. state. We need to be armed and ready in case there are bad actors in these caravans. Every citizen of the state of Colorado needs to petition the governor ASAP not to sign HB 1177 Colorado’s red flag gun confiscation bill into law.

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      I agree but for your info the invasion has already occurred and it’s ramping up. Here in the Badlands were already being murdered by the invaders and cartel is everywhere. It is open conversation among us out here. Without our guns it’s open season on us but then that is the plan and they make no bones about openly stating they want to murder us now don’t they. It’s not an empty threat because it’s happening right now and I could post proof but I wont because I would be feeding it and more could die as a result.

      We hate Kool Aid in the Badlands!

  15. Patriot Solutions says:

    Ken Buck says,
    “The Windsor lawmaker took aim at the Democratic agenda at the state Capitol, saying if Democrats “want to take our guns … come and take them. And if you get them, it will be out of my cold, dead hands.”

    I support Ken Buck my brethren in arms, recalls and the Constitutions.

    “When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen; and we shall most sincerely rejoice with you in the happy hour when the establishment of American Liberty, upon the most firm and solid foundations shall enable us to return to our Private Stations in the bosom of a free, peacefully and happy Country.”
    George Washington

  16. Patriot Solutions says:

    Federal Judge in California just ruled BAN ON HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES TO BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But then we already knew that and REFUSED TO COMPLY.

  17. Patriot Solutions says:

    They demanded we no longer possess high capacity magazines so we can’t resist our attackers, pay a fee for gun registration so they can approve of who can have them and place those owners on a list for confiscation, pay a fee for concealed carry permits also known as gun registration for the purpose of confiscation, go through FFL dealers for every gun sale transaction so they know who has them for confiscation, created gun free zones for the slaughter and now they want to confiscate.

    Red Flag = False Flag. (Hegelian Dialectic)

    Hitler required registrations and licensing prior to confiscation. Holocaust playbook is identical.

    Facts are undeniable, CASE CLOSED!

    Kool Aid is wicked brew!

  18. Patriot Solutions says:

    Am I the only one that finds it odd that liberals desire to spark conflict by committing illegal home invasion thefts in the name of public safety?

    So now breaking the law is good for the community?

    Creating laws that break laws is law abiding?

    Were expected to comply to laws that break laws and that would be considered law abiding behavior?

    So now it’s up to us to determine which laws are lawful and if we should comply or not, be our own attorney?

    It’s a good thing I have my pocket Constitution so I can figure this stuff out because I surely could not carry around all those law books that I’m certain must be in compliance with my Constitution. (sarc)


  19. Patriot Solutions says:

    New American voters flooding the country now that the North American Union has been created who have no idea what our Constitution says nor does it even matter. Chaos on your screen is all theater, every bit of it. Creation of a brand new country is going on right before your eyes.

  20. Patriot Solutions says:

    4:00 pm today the next President (selected by the CFR) will announce his bid for 2020 Presidential campaign and you can say goodbye to any rights that you currently think you have. All by design folks, every bit of it.

  21. Patriot Solutions says:

    These people are making a stand and as you can see by the signs they know who (alphabet agencies) is behind the gun grab. If it’s on their signs and I been preaching it then perhaps it true!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Patriot Solutions says:

    NO MORE KOOL AID!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Patriot Solutions says:

    These people understand the gun grabbers are representing the Fed. It’s not just a lil ol Colorado thing.

    All by carefully crafted design folks, every bit of it!

    Watch the vid.

  24. Patriot Solutions says:

    In addition to this article.

    Where it states:
    “Republicans also say it violates constitutional rights and could lead to violent confrontations if a judge orders police to confiscate firearms from a resistant owner.”

    Ken Buck GOP Chair says if Democrats:
    “want to take our guns … come and take them. And if you get them, it will be out of my cold, dead hands.”

    History shows us undeniably that authoritarians genocide their population by making them adhere to the law and being law abiding is the first step to your own extermination. They put that in the Kool Aid. While I do not condone breaking the law I do certainly REFUSE TO COMPLY with my own genocide even if it is unlawful for me to do so. It’s across all channels to kill white nationalists whatever those are I still don’t know for sure but have an idea, old people, white people, patriots etc because genocide is obviously on the menu in America. To that extent on that day I openly welcome the outlaw life with my pocket Constitution in one hand and fun in the other. As this goes to court and becomes solidified against The People from tyrants who seek to do us harm We The People will become the outlaws for being real Americans just as planned by the holocausters and if they make Sheriffs outlaws then so be it we’ll be outlaws together and together WE WILL REFUSE TO COMPLY while enjoying the outlaw life. To this point I happily support outlaw Sheriffs if need be and have their back 100%. They burned people at the stake claiming they were witch’s. If those on fire survived the flames they WERE considered witch’s and if they did not survive the flames they were NOT considered witch’s. SOUND FAMILIAR? The genocider is in the house folks. Perhaps the state can go spend the same effort arresting some cartel gang members or illegal criminal aliens, human trafficking networks?

    Case in point:

    Facts presented!
    Case closed!

  25. Patriot Solutions says:

    When genocide becomes a Presidential campaign platform a country has an extremely large problem which includes a very difficult path before it’s civilization.


    (Note in very fine print: I’m running at only 65% on this site due to if I crank it up full throttle I will get booted)

  26. Patriot Solutions says:

    There’s a brand new empty prison down here right on I-25 with nice shiny Constantine wire and not a single cartel in it. All the dope, cartel, human traffickers and prostitution rings going to the big city drive right past it unabated and yet somehow gov has the time to steal property by unlawful home invasion when they could set up right there on the interstate and fill a prison 500 feet away by way of it’s own off ramp with hardened criminals and probably fill that prison completely up in 2 weeks or less with little to no effort at all. Oddly enough cartel criminals that are easily identifiable travel right past that prison looking right at it and sell dope and murder Coloradans while you get Red Flagged.

    Prison is just north of the southern Colorado line right on the East side of I-25. Impossible to miss it. It’s the empty one with cartel going by headed north and laughing.

  27. Patriot Solutions says:

    Brownell selling large capacity magazines in California.

    You know this is upsetting the communist gov there and the alphabet agencies after Americas guns.

    Reports coming in from other eyes and ears telling me that Rush was talking to Hannity yesterday and Rush stated alphabet agencies are behind the chaos. BOOM! Like I said, alphabet and the fed are behind it all folks it’s not just lil ol Colorado. It’s good to see others know what’s going on that not everybody has been devoured by the matrix of illusions.

    When America throws every gun law in the trash leaving only the 2A and the requirement that citizens must own, carry and use when necessary firearms to preserve life, own them to vote and to obtain a drivers license and receive tax credits for the purchase of firearms and other rated munitions will we become a strong nation once again.

    Need parts?

    I’m not a business just trying to hook you up if you need stuff that’s all. Cheaper Than Dirt delivers really fast.

    Can get pocket Constitutions on Amazon for cheap if you need one!
    Buy 2 and give one to a friend.

    “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”
    George Washington

  28. Patriot Solutions says:

    The anti-Constitution machine of gov propaganda is running full throttle today as they prepare to throw the Constitutions in the trash while a Presidential candidate says he can’t wait to be president so he can run down Americans with his car, genocide old folks, vets, babies etc and some how he is not Red Flagged.

  29. Patriot Solutions says:

    If a magazine ban in California is unconstitutional but in Colorado it’s constitutional it appears the anti 2A laws are broken.

    If some states say permits for concealed carry are a lawful requirement though 2A states The People have the right to “bear arms” but in other states permit not required then again anti 2A laws are broken and the clearest indication of this is each state interpreting 2A differently which indicates it is not the law of the land but rather the whim of authoritarians you must adhere to. If you had a gun and traveled across America how would you even know how to be in compliance with every counties whims as you pass through them?

    The answer is in the Kool Aid in that it is no good.

  30. Patriot Solutions says:

    Why do counties have to sue over False Flag bill when it can simply just be ignored? You know like how they ignore prostitution when they drive past them and don’t even look their way or like how they drive right past illegals without the slightest hesitation. Could quite easily pick and choose exactly what laws they want to uphold and which ones they don’t just like they are doing right now. They certainly aren’t running to the court to not uphold laws they refuse to uphold right now. So they’re running to the same court that upheld unconstitutional magazine ban? And they think they will get a constitutional judgment this time?


  31. Patriot Solutions says:

    Sanctuary Counties Protecting Constitutional Rights

    March 22, 2019

    There is some consternation about the county becoming a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. The way I understand it, this came about at the request of the sheriff. And it’s happening all over the state. Why would the sheriff (and the sheriff’s association) push this? What is the role of sheriff? Where does a sheriff get his authority? What constraints are placed on a sheriff?
    First, the term sheriff comes from old English; it is a combination of the words shire (county here) and the word reeve which means chief or keeper. A sheriff is the highest law officer in the land and is charged with protecting the citizens of his county. The sheriff is the original peace officer. As an elected official, the sheriff is not subordinate to county commissioners or any other agency like federal officers or state officers. To operate in his jurisdiction, other agencies require his permission. Also, as an elected official, the sheriff is accountable to the electorate and may not be re-elected or worse, recalled when the citizens feel he is not performing his duty.
    At a recent workshop, Commissioner Printz said that what government does is infringe on people’s rights. Apparently he doesn’t know the purpose of government. The Declaration of Independence tells us why governments are formed: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men”. This is germane because the sheriff takes an oath (like all elected officials) to uphold the Constitution of the United States and Colorado. The Constitution takes precedence over all else and the sheriff of every county is bound to not enforce unconstitutional laws. And determining the constitutionality in the case of Red Flag Laws is really easy.
    Many people concentrate on the fact that Red Flag laws infringe on a person’s right to keep and bear arms. That is far from the only right they infringe on. I can easily make a case for 1st Amendment infringements but won’t here. The violation to the 4th Amendment should be obvious. First problem is probable cause. That cannot be hearsay or retribution. Second is the illegal search and seizure part and third is that the person making accusations must swear an oath. Red Flag laws contain no provisions for false accusations.
    Red Flag laws also violate the 5th Amendment. The due process should be so obvious that even a Democrat has to agree that due process is violated. “. . . nor shall any person . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due
    process of law.”
    So far, Red Flag laws violate a person’s 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendment rights. How about the 6th? No speedy or public trial by jury in Red Flag laws and certainly no opportunity to confront the accuser.
    Well at least Red Flag laws don’t violate a person’s 7th Amendment rights. Except the trial by jury part and the once adjudicated can’t be re-examined part. And of course there’s the 8th Amendment which stipulates that no excessive fines may be imposed. I know people whose collections could easily run in the thousands of dollars in value. And add collectibles and the way they will be immediately devalued by law enforcement just makes the fine based on hearsay evidence more excessive.
    Whew, at least that should be it right? No, Red Flag laws also violate the 14th Amendment. As some people point out, Red Flag laws violate the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. But there’s more; “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States” clearly says that the state is wrong to enact a law like this and doubly-wrong to enforce one. The sheriff is bound to not enforce laws that don’t follow due process.
    So, Red Flag laws violate the 2nd Amendment, true. But more importantly, they also violate the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 14th.
    The sheriff’s job is to uphold lawful laws and the authority to do so comes from the citizens who elected that sheriff. His authority is not dependent on the state or federal government, nor is it dependent on some bureaucrat. And the sheriff is only allowed to enforce lawful, constitutional laws. Not something that is so clearly unconstitutional. Realistically, we shouldn’t say that Custer County is a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary county, rather it is a Constitution Sanctuary County or a Right Sanctuary County.
    Dan Bubis,
    Custer County

  32. Patriot Solutions says:

    Communist Corporations that do not support the Constitution.

  33. Patriot Solutions says:

    Huckabee reveals evil communism aka the murdering gun grabbers.

  34. Patriot Solutions says:

    Indoctrination and murder of the infidels. Motive behind the gun grab.

  35. Patriot Solutions says:

    Colorados new population headed to a street near you as we speak. Motive behind the gun grab revealed.

  36. Patriot Solutions says:

    Sheriff Reams should get a medal from The People for his patriotism.

  37. Patriot Solutions says:

    How your country is being stripped from you/us.

  38. J Treadwell says:

    In regards to HB 1177 Colorado’s red flag gun confiscation bill, nobody in Colorado should be allowed to toy with gun owners rights because the population of the state of Colorado is sparse (scant, scattered, thinly distributed, etc.). Every gun owner would be needed if there were ever an invasion on our beautiful state of Colorado. The population for the state of Colorado reported in 2017 was 5.61 million of which 2.8 million is in the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield metropolitan statistical area, the rest of the population is thinly distributed throughout the state; so, now, does everyone get the picture of how defenseless the sparse population of the state of Colorado would be if unarmed during an invasion. We must take the invasion of our border very seriously; they are not coming across our border to be our friends; it didn’t take long for the caravans from South America to reach our border and it wouldn’t take long for those people in the caravans to cross into any U.S. state. We need to be armed and ready in case there are bad actors in these caravans. Every citizen of the state of Colorado needs to petition the governor ASAP not to sign HB 1177 Colorado’s red flag gun confiscation bill into law.

  39. J Treadwell says:

    A must watch video by every U.S. citizen, make sure that you watch it and share this Youtube video.

    An Open Letter To Our Legislators, Judges And Lawmen

  40. Katherine L Wynkoop says:

    Veto th Red Flag bill now – how dare you do this to our state. Shame on you and your liberal agenda. You are nothing more than pure evil.

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