Colorado Counties Say WE WILL NOT COMPLY To Red Flag Law Should It Pass : Rally for our Rights

(red counties have passed resolutions, yellow counties sheriffs oppose but county has not taken action, gray counties sheriffs support, white is unknown)

UPDATED July 13th, 2019

Recently we reported when two Colorado counties passed resolutions declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties, and since then that number has grown to over half of Colorado’s counties that have either passed a resolution or are poised to pass one at an upcoming meeting.  In addition, both the Denver and Aurora Police Unions expressed their opposition in a press release.

Wondering what a Second Amendment Sanctuary County means?  In nearly all of these instances, these efforts are being led by the county sheriff, then joined by the county commissioners, who say no county funds will be used to process ERPO’s or store confiscated weapons, and that the right to keep and bear arms extends to all citizens of the county.  How far will YOUR sheriff go to not comply should HB19-1177 become law?  Well, it varies and I’d suggest asking them yourself for more specific clarificiation.

Here’s the scoop on the current list of Second Amendment Sanctuary counties:

Garfield County: Passed Resolution April 8, 2019
Las Animas County: Passed Resolution April 3, 2019
Phillips County: Passed Resolution April 3, 2019
Morgan County: Issued Statement April 3, 2019
Bent County: Passed Resolution March 27, 2019
Sedgwick County: Passed Resolution March 20, 2019
Montrose County: Passed Resolution March 20, 2019
Mineral County: Passed Resolution March 19, 2019
Lincoln County: Passed Resolution March 19, 2019
Archuleta County: Passed Resolution March 19, 2019
Delta County: Passed Resolution March 19, 2019
Logan County: Passed Resolution March 19, 2019
Huerfano County: Passed Resolution March 19, 2019
Crowley County: Passed Resolution March 18, 2019
Jackson County: Passed Resolution March 14, 2019
Rio Grande County: Passed Resolution March 13, 2019
Elbert County: Passed Resolution March 13, 2019
Alamosa County: Passed Resolution March 13, 2019
Washington County: Passed resolution March 12, 2019
Douglas County: Passed resolution March 12, 2019 (Sheriff not in support)
Dolores County: Passed resolution March 12, 2019
El Paso County: Passed resolution March 12, 2019 (Sheriff may still enforce law or parts of law)
Prowers County: Passed resolution March 11, 2019
Cheyenne County: Passed resolution March 8, 2019
Park County: Passed resolution March 7, 2019
Teller County: Passed resolution March 7, 2019
Baca County: Passed resolution March 6, 2019
Conejos County: Passed resolution March 6, 2019
Kit Carson County: Passed resolution March 6, 2019
Weld County: Passed resolution March 6, 2019
Moffat County: Passed resolution March 5, 2019
Montezuma County: Passed resolution Feb 28, 2019
Custer County: Passed resolution Feb 28, 2019
Kiowa County: Passed resolution Feb 28, 2019
Fremont County: Passed resolution Feb 26, 2019
Rio Blanco County: Passed resolution May 21, 2018
Otero County: Passed resolution in 2013, although they commissioners and sheriff are refusing to draft language specific to HB19-1177

These municipalities have joined with their counties:

Commerce City, CO: Passed resolution June 4, 2019
Craig, CO: Passed resolution March 11, 2019
Canon City, CO: Passed resolution March 18, 2019
Milliken, CO: Passed resolution March 27, 2019
Silver Cliff, CO: Passed resolution April 1, 2019
Lamar, CO: Set to pass resolution
Greeley, CO: Considering

Colorado Counties Say WE WILL NOT COMPLY To Red Flag Law Should It Pass : Rally for our Rights

The following counties are considering implementing similar resolutions or their sheriff is in opposition:

Adams County

Adams County Sheriff Rick Reigenborn stated on Facebook that he has not been up to speed on the Red Flag Bill, but upon further review he agrees Sheriff Reams brings up a lot of important issues, and as written, he opposes the bill as well.  He believes there are many flaws.

Eagle County

In Eagle County the sheriff came out the day the governor signed the bill with a very thorough analysis of why he is now in opposition of the legislation as written.  That can be found here.

Routt County

The Routt County sheriff has publicly stated that he supports the concept of a Red Flag Law, but finds HB19-1177 deeply flawed with many potential problems.

Ouray County

The Ouray county sheriff is against the bill.

Saguache County

In Saguache county, the sheriff has asked the citizens to contact their county commissioners requesting they pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution.

Grand County

Grand  County Sheriff is in direct opposition of Colorado’s Red Flag law, calling it unconsituational, and the county commissioners echo his concerns.  They are determining what to do next.

Yuma County

Yuma County Sheriff T.C. Combs is working with the Yuma County Commissioners to pass a resolution making their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.  They are currently awaiting legal advice before moving to the final vote.  All three county commissioners support the resolution.

Chaffee County

The Chaffee county sheriff said at state senator Kerry Donovan’s town hall that he is in complete opposition of Colorado’s Red Flag bill, and he joined with the commissioners to draft a letter to the legislature pointing out 14 very specific issues with this legislation. The commissioners side stepped the issue at their recent meeting and moved the issue to a public forum.

Pueblo County

The Pueblo County Sheriff has publicly voiced his opposition and two of the three Democrat county commissioner made public statements at their last county commissioner meeting that they have grave concerns with the bill (the third was not present).

Mesa County

Rose Pugliese, chairwoman of the Mesa County Board of Commissioners, said her board passed a comprehensive resolution in 2013 supporting the Second Amendment and she plans to present the newest resolution to the entire board of commissioners in the coming days.  The Mesa County Sheriff has also come out in strong opposition to the Red Flag legislation currently being considered.

Larimer County

In Larimer County, Sheriff Justin Smith has publicly stated his opposition to the current version of the Red Flag bill, and all three county commissioners (including Democrat and former State Senator, John Kefalas) have issued a letter to the Senate asking them to oppose this bill.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader is also in public opposition to HB19-1177.  The Board of County Commissioners have yet to make a statement.  I will reach out to them as well.


87 thoughts on “More Than Half Colorado Counties Say WE WILL NOT COMPLY To Red Flag Law Should It Pass

  1. Richard says:

    When so many government kfficials, and citizens oppose a bilk, you KNOW it’s very, very, bad stuff.

  2. Richard says:

    Was trying to snack while typing. SIC, above haha!

  3. D says:

    San Miguel and Pitkin counties?

    1. James says:

      Email Bill Masters ask if he is a constitutional sheriff. Just like me you will probably not get a response. Corrupt the election fraud I encountered here. DOiJ dismissed, did nothing

  4. Bethany says:

    Gunnison County?

  5. Marty Husmann says:

    Alamosa county joined as of yesterday.

    1. Carole Naro says:

      Glad Alamosa County Joined. While Costilla County sits on its ass and does nothing. I’ve spoken with the Costilla Sheriff’s Office last week and asked them if they were going to join it. Their answer was “we’re thinking about it but need to liaise with the 3 Commissioners who actually don’t do shit.

      1. Jamie Day says:

        All Costilla County residents need to attend the next commissioners’ meeting; it’s easy enough to find out when it is. Sheriff Danny Sanchez can be called at the sheriff’s office in San Luis. We need this in our county, and I believe our commissioners will pass it – especially when they know that we voters want it.
        And, Carol Naro, please don’t badmouth Costilla County! Nearly all of our young people have their Hunters’ Safety cards by age 13, thanks to our Summer Youth program. I live where there are many predators, animal and a few humans: we can get this passed.

        1. Lesley Hollywood says:

          Thanks for the info!

          1. Cammeron Bentley says:

            Some one tell me is costilla county abiding by the red flag law??!!

        2. Cammeron Bentley says:

          I’m looking into moving to costilla county. please let me know if costilla county becomes a sanctuary city. as a disabled veteran I believe this law is wrong

          1. Cammeron Bentley says:

            the red flag law I mean

          2. Carole N. says:

            Cammeron, Costilla straddles the fence on not only “sanctuary City/County” but also on the Red Flag Law.

        3. CE Cooney says:

          Glad to hear CO is getting on board- I left CO 4 yrs ago because of what was happening in the state.

        4. Carole N. says:

          Jamie, when was the last time you saw Costilla County Government do anything to improve the status of it’s residents in Costilla. That’s not “badmouthing”, that’s actual fact. All they know how to do is raise taxes for a new school to accommodate the children of illegals which just passed in the 2018 election under Amendment 3. When was the last time any kind of development or new businesses happened? Unless it belongs to hereditary descendants of the original Spanish families we can forget about opening up a business. It’s mostly blocked. Forget about getting a job here in this county due to nepotism considering that most of the County’s employment goes to that closely knit familial extension.

          1. Carole N. says:

            Most of the residents of Costilla are either retired or poor. We’ve been labeled the “poorest county in all of Colorado”. Why is that?

  6. Bear Deardorff says:

    Where does Arapahoe County stand??

  7. Al Miller says:

    Sherriff Bill Elder may enforce “some parts” of the Bill? What parts? It’s kind of like saying I support the Second Amendment . . . “BUT”. Stop playing both sides of the fence, this law is in direct violation of the Bill of Rights! It’s unconstitutional and everyone knows it!

    1. MikeZ says:

      Elders position expressed on Richard Randall’s radio show last week was that any Sherriff who refused to enforce would be held in contempt of court by a judge and removed from office if he continued to refuse, to continue on down through the Sherriff office subordinates until the judge found one who agreed. So Elder said something to the effect that he would enforce but immediately file for an injunction to prevent it from becoming effective, then go through the whole legal process which could take a year or so and hopefully ultimately result in the law being overturned. I don’t know if that’s a valid idea or not but seems to be his view.

      1. Tannim says:

        Judge can’t remove an elected official from office, and only the coroner can arrest a sheriff.

  8. Roger Irwin says:

    How about Hensdale county?

    1. Angela says:


  9. April Hansen says:

    What about Broomfield County?

  10. Kurt says:

    Forgot Eagle County

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Did they pass a resolution? If so, do you have more info about it?

      1. Buddy Shipley says:

        Hi Lesley! Buddy Shipley here. We citizens and the Eagle County GOP are talking about it, I am not aware of any discussion to submit a resolution. If you have already gone to the effort to craft an appropriate resolution, and are so inclined, please provide it so others may use it.

        1. Lesley Hollywood says:

          Hi Buddy! I have a bunch of them. You can access all the resolution I have here:

  11. Richard says:

    EMAIL THEM! Point out the bill violates basic due process rights.
    That there is zero provision for mental health expert involvement of evaluation of aid.
    That there is no exact description of what evidence is necessary to be flagged for confiscation !

  12. Terrance Davidson says:

    Where are you Bent County?

  13. Chere Warner says:

    ENOUGH Cally politics in COLORADO…….If Cally was soooooooo great, why in the heck are you here???

    1. Kae says:

      That is the whole problem.. I used to live there (CO), but as with everywhere, the left destroys there habitat (state/county) , then they move somewhere else until they destroy that as well. Colorado and Californication is but one example. Northeasterners moving south is becoming a problem like CO/Cal is.

      I now live in North Carolina. Some of the best in the USA. Open carry state, no permit unless you want to carry concealed, and straight up constitutional carry is in the works. I can hang my long gun on the gun rack in my truck and lay my handgun on the seat, then drive all over NC. No big deal. Went to the store , open carry, holster and gun in plain sight. No big deal. Now there are rumors of red flag laws possibly coming. Hope not. I have no intention of complying.

  14. Suzanne says:

    Rio Grande County passed a resolution yesterday.

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Wonderful! I’ll add it!

  15. Donna Jones says:

    Any word on where LaPlata County stands on this??

    1. Mike says:

      Waiting and watching myself. The 2nd is important to many regardless of party.There will be a price to be paid next election cycle!

    2. Ryan S. says:

      I would assume they love it! All the Commissioners and the Sheriff are Democrats and fall in line behind Polis.

  16. Samantha Martin says:

    JACKSON COUNTY passed a resolution! We will be a 2A sanctuary county!

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Awesome! Will add it!

  17. Larry Jordan says:

    Rout county?

  18. Richard Pallesen says:

    I did not see Yuma County on the list

  19. Peggy Danley says:

    Adams county??

    1. Tom spettel says:

      I would like to think so but im not holding my breath on adams

    2. Mark Richards says:

      all democratic control, and a democrat sheriff

      1. Will says:

        Adams CO lost every single Republican race in 2018. TO me it seems suspicious, however it is still an uphill battle for the county.

    3. Devon Dallmann says:

      I emailed Sheriff Reigenborn,
      Here was his response (on 3/25/2019):

      I agree with you that current proposal of the Red Flag Bill has too many loop holes and flaws with it. I spoke with Alexandra Garza who is working with Senator Tate to make some much needed amendments to the bill, I spoke with her moments ago and pointed out other areas of concern for me. She was going to speak with the person who wrote the amendment because they saw my concern as a valid point.

      I, like you enjoy our second amendment and value it much as you. It is part of what this great country was founded on.

      If this bill is passed to law, it will put our (Yours & mine) deputies at great risk. I have spoken with our current County Commissioners to express my great concern and they have listened and understood the concerns.

      I would need the County Commissioners to declare the county as a “Sanctuary County” as I don’t have the authority to declare us as one, if they did I would be thankful.

      We need to contact the Senators from Adams County to let them know our displeasure of this bill, I will be calling them this evening.

      Our Senators are Faith Winters and Dominic Moreno, both are great people and hopefully we can help them understand OUR concerns with this bill.

      People who can report, what is needed in the report, of course the ability to be heard and have a fair process for those accused. A person should never be forced to prove their innocence, we should have to prove their guilt.

      So he seems to support it, but has not made any public statement that I’m aware of coming out against it (even if the commissioners refuse to be a 2A sanctuary, like some sheriff’s have).

      I’ve not heard any indications that the Adams county commissioners have any plans on being a 2A sanctuary.

  20. Andrew Rossbach says:

    I’m also curious as to Routt County’s position.

  21. Rob Lyons says:

    What about Clear Creek

  22. Sheri Centner says:

    BENT COUNTY????!!!!????

  23. Bill says:

    I did not see Lake County mentioned

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Did Lake county pass one? I don’t recall seeing that but may have missed it.

      1. Will says:

        The Lake County Sheriff is Amy Reyes – 719-486-1249. I called and she declined to comment at this time.

        1. Ali says:

          Amy is from California go figure!

  24. Becky says:

    Any news from Las Animas County, the state’s largest coumty?

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Not that I have heard, but I will check in!

  25. Christine Martinez says:

    THANK YOU, Rally For Our Rights – 2nd Amendment, and LESLEY HOLLYWOOD!!!
    LESLEY, you are doing an AMAZING JOB!!! Your article is concise, factual, and relevant!!!
    GOD Bless all of you, and our fellow-Coloradans!!
    We are faced with many challenges: from work, school, children, parents, taxes… we need to ensure that we are safe to protect our selves, our family, and our property, and free from government overreach, and repercussion! The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensures ALL OTHER Constitutional rights!!! – Christine Martinez

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      You are very welcome!

  26. Linda Peterson says:

    Counties are not people. The opening paragraph should have been written “. . . 26 counties that have . . .” I did not read the entire article.

  27. Carole Fleming says:

    The Hinsdale County Sheriff and his family just survived an avalanche that destroyed their home. That may slow down any action.

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! Prayers to them!

  28. Ramona says:

    Mineral County Passed a 2nd Amendment preservation resolution March 19, 2019

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Thank you, I will add it!

  29. Joah says:

    Adams County?

  30. Carle Linke says:

    We are full of liberal socialist in Chaffee County. Please help with speaking points, searching constitutional law, etc…. and seems to me this bill is violating the 2nd, the 4th, 5th,9th, what am I missing. the emotional argument will not work.
    neither do they wish to hear about mental health solutions or organizations that can help.

  31. S says:

    Having visited Chaffee County many times over the past 20 yrs, I am disheartened to find that invaders from Liberal/Democrat states like California have found CO . They seem determined to destroy it much like they do to any place they go. Yep, flee the states they’ve screwed up, move on to new territory and proceed to ramrod their crooked, corrupt, political agendas down everyone else’s throats. Living in the corrupt, despicable Red Flag state of CT, I’d be more than proud to hear that Chaffee has joined up as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County !

    1. Richard says:

      So true. They flee high tax, high crime states they’ve messed up, then vote the same policies here!

  32. Richard Shepherd says:

    If this bill passes, be prepared to resist the next bill, which will go after semi auto firearms.
    Get off the couch, get on the phone and also email all news outlets as well as legislators.
    Go to Complete Colorado .com for state news not found on the liberal elite stations and papers

  33. JoAnn Linda Kalenak says:

    This story is not accurate. Delta County DID NOT pass a resolution as a “sanctuary” county, but rather a “preservation” county. There is a HUGE difference. Many counties passed similar resolutions…they know that the declare themselves sanctuaries will open them to taxpayer liability. This article is an obvious attempt to make readers believe there’s some kind of stronger movement. A preservation declaration only says that counties stand by the second amendment…as well they should. They should send by ANY amendment of our Constitution.

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Thank you for the information. I was going off a news article as well as those who were present. I will make that change. As you can likely see, I have called others preservation counties as well where needed.

    2. Richard says:

      I’ve always found Lesley attempts to be as accurate as possible.
      She wouldn’t purposely attempt to mislead, in my experience.
      And seriously, from my point of view, the powers that be JUST be shocked at the strength of this movement!

  34. Richard says:

    I’ve always found Lesley attempts to be as accurate as possible.
    She wouldn’t purposely attempt to mislead, in my experience.
    And seriously, from my point of view, the powers that be MUST be shocked at the strength of this movement!

  35. Jennifer says:

    Chaffee County Sheriff Spezze has pledged that he will not enforce the Red Flag law or ask any of his law enforcement officers to enforce it. This is a big step in the right direction here. However, a declaration of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County must come from the Board Of County Commissioners. If you know of any Chaffee Co gun-right advocates contact them and see if they will call and email the commissioners, and spread this info!

    Greg Felt – [email protected]
    Keith Baker – [email protected]
    Rusty Granzella – [email protected]

    All can be reached at 719-539-2218

  36. Candice Miller says:

    Watch our townhall meeting with Senator Donovan. She was caught lying about Chaffee County! She does not represent us!

    1. Richard says:

      Yes. Many of us have watched the video.
      A shameful woman who deserves to be recalled.

  37. Jess says:

    Term limits for all the turds.recall every one of them.this isn’t cally.

  38. Richard says:

    To those anti Second Amendment people we know peruse this site:
    You seriously need to research what your actions are resulting in nationwide .
    There are firearms rights rallies with thousands attending the past month across the nation.
    The media is not fully informing you that millions will not abandon the rights enshrined in this nation’s founding documents.
    If you push more gun control, the result won’t be less violence.
    Millions will not comply with your plans for disarmament of law abiding citizens.
    Your collective guilt propaganda meant to convince people that the average firearm owners is as dangerous as mentally ill murderers and criminals isn’t working on us .
    We are not to blame, we will not give up our rights as free citizens to defend ourselves .

  39. Doug says:

    Gilpin county is not in there !

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Do you have information about Gilpin county?

  40. Randy says:

    La Platta

  41. Paha Woodhull says:

    Denver county?

  42. Diamondback says:

    42 USC Sections 1983, 1985, 1986; 18 USC Sections 241, 242; 14th Amendment pierces immunity claims which no unlawful government actor can enjoy. So called “laws” which violate a higher law (e.g. The Constitution of the U.S.), are NOT “law” at all but “Color of Law” and unenforceable in any HONORABLE court. No LEO has been enumerated any lawful power to enforce anything but “law”! We only have two ways to fight tyranny: Law and Force. When the law fails us?

  43. Ron C says:

    Okay so if a county is a sanctuary county, do people with a prior felony get to carry a gun? If not, it’s kind of a bullshit sanctuary. That would just mean cops don’t want to do their job; which it could be dangerous I agree but why call it a sanctuary county if it’s only a sanctuary for people thought to be a danger to themselves and others? Call it a scared cops county or something like that instead.

  44. Jon Y says:

    Anything new about Jefferson County or Evergreen?

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Unfortunately the JeffCo County Commissioners will not support a 2A Sanctuary, although the sheriff has taken a reserved approach like many of the other sheriffs have.

  45. Rick Chapman says:

    What about Summit County??

  46. Not in this little county says:

    Montezuma county commissioners passed an amendment with actual sanctuary wording. However the above map is not accurate as our Sheriff has stated that he would enforce the law. How this will play out is a question even two Commissioners have an answer for. Thankfully, we have term limits in Montezuma.

    1. Not in this little county says:

      *Have NO idea how this will play out.

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