In Colorado we’re fortunate to have the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) law.  This allows citizens such as myself to request to see communications by almost any government entity.  There are specific laws surrounding how CORAs work, how long government entities can take to return the requested communications, and how much they can charge you.  Obviously, the more data you request, the longer it will take and the higher the cost.

On Tuesday, May 7th, two mentally disturbed students of STEM School Highlands Ranch broke into one of their parents gun safes with an ax and a crow bar, placed the stolen guns in a guitar case, attempted to burn the house down, and went to the high school where they walked inside and opened fire in two separate areas.  Both students were taken down, one of them by a security guard, the other by a student named Kendrick Castillo.  Kendrick was a role model of a citizen who lost his life defending the lives of his friends and classmates that day.  And as usual, the gun grabbers and heartless politicians didn’t bat an eye – instead they went right into campaign mode.  A “vigil” for Kendrick was planned and thousands from the community attended.  What those in attendance did not know was that this vigil was actually planned by two organizations: Brady Campaign and Moms Demand Action. For a solid 40 minutes, attendees patiently watched as politician after politician took to the podium to lecture the crowd about gun control.  Gun control advocates, such as Laura Reeves with Moms Demand Action Colorado brazenly used the tragedy to push the organizations agenda of disarming citizens. It wasn’t until the president of the Douglas County Teacher’s Union, Kallie Leyba took to lecturing the crowd that it became apparent that not one single student or teacher from STEM School had been invited to speak.  That’s when all hell broke loose as students began to yell “Let the students speak!” eventually walking out while chanting “Mental health! Mental health!”.  Even the anti-gun website The Daily Beast covered the story exposing it for what it was: a political stunt.

Well, in light of this gross abuse of power by the Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action and some school staff, a watchdog group of out Illinois decided to file a CORA request.  It was a simple request: They asked for the communications between Brady Campaign and any school officials, as well as Moms Demand Action and any school officials, that took place on May 7 and May 8.  

The response was telling, to say the least. The school is claiming this simple request, which other government entities do all the time for us here at Rally for our Rights in less than an hour, will take 7 hours of school staff time at $30/hr and 26 hours of legal counsel time at $155/hr, for total cost to the requester of at least $4,210. 

But according to Colorado law, they can’t do charge more than $30/hr for legal counsel.  Source:



Here is the letter from STEM School Highlands Ranch in response to these CORA requests.


STEM School Hides Information After Shooting STEM School Hides Information After Shooting


89 thoughts on “STEM School Demands $4,210 For CORA Requested Emails With Moms Demand Action & Brady Campaign

  1. Patriot Solutions says:

    Two words.

    Plain English text of 2A is not adhered to so how is this Cora issue any surprise. If they can’t interpret a couple sentences in 2A correctly then Cora,,,,, well, you know.
    What are they hiding? Facts? Nancy said they don’t consider facts to be worthy of review and consideration. That facts have nothing to do with anything and they’re useless. Gun grabbers never go by facts. Facts are their worst nightmare. Fact of the matter is they don’t want the facts revealed because THEY’RE SO BUSTED!


  2. Patriot Solutions says:

    Since the rubber gun squad gun grabbers were in communication with the school before the shooting occurred does that mean we won’t get the report?

    1. Richard says:

      It is effective to question any government authority or body at any level as to their communications with any anti Second group , while mentioning at the same time that CORAS may be an option to go to .
      It causes the govt official group to sometimes cease any cooperative communication with anti groups .

      1. Patriot Solutions says:

        “question any government authority or body at any level as to their communications with any anti Second group ,”
        Translation: Exposes treasonous subversives who seek to destroy USA.

  3. Patriot Solutions says:

    My Bible says that iron scepter registration and permit are the Holy Bible and it’s authority of sovereignty is derived from GOD.
    To those who demand I throw my religion in the trash I REFUSE TO COMPLY.

  4. Patriot Solutions says:

    Like I been saying I would be cautious. Majority of accidents happen near the home……….. because that’s where your easiest to find.

  5. Patriot Solutions says:

    They threw the Constitution in the trash and are now overthrowing the Government. When they begin violently attacking you will know why 2A is enshrined in writing not granted by it. Throwing words in the trash does not remove rights so don’t be fooled. Rights are like skin, part of your person. Keep them handy for their upcoming Tet offensive. They seeth with violence for Americans so be ready.

  6. Patriot Solutions says:

    Like I stated quite some time ago gun grabbers have stacked the USSC and is Why Weiser (of which he’s not) taunts Americans with a Supreme Court ruling. ie: Brennens Operation Hammer which provided intel to Barry for blackmail purposes. The shit hole runs deep behind the scenes. Colorado subversives are caught red handed committing treason. Clock is ticking.

  7. Patriot Solutions says:

    LE upholds unconstitutional laws ruled constitutional by corrupt USSC while they say, “I’m just doing my job”. We The People call that treason.
    Only a couple short sentences in 2A yet none of them will interpret it to say what it means and all of them think it means you are required to have (special bought n paid for) papers and that is what We The People know to be as (criminal). Selling the use of rights not granted by government is criminal extortion mafia corruption.

  8. Patriot Solutions says:

    What do you think Richard about Trump the actor handing off the Presidency to Hillary today?
    How long do you think it will take for people to notice?

  9. Patriot Solutions says:

    Colorado cartel under the golden dome gun grabbers busted for criminal conspiracy.
    I wonder who they conspired with for Red Flag?

  10. Patriot Solutions says:

    Crime syndicate shutting down energy to sell you their idea of energy that will not work is why they are a criminal conspiracy though Weiser claims he is he is not and while Polis says he knows what’s best for Coloradoans he is lining his pockets with your future demise. Make note because your rights have been stolen by precisely the same process. These criminals don’t work at Kings or drive nails for a living they rip us off and get rich from their political influence that is for sale. Is why the 2A exists so when you have had enough you can fix the problem. They are having their turn, we will have ours.

  11. Patriot Solutions says:

    Two words.
    Insurrection Act!
    Three words.
    We The People!

  12. Patriot Solutions says:

    Pelosi gun grabber kills Dem’entia party on national TV gets euthanized by Trump.
    School shooting psyops busted to include teachers on film planting evidence.
    Dem’entia party of gun grabbers and humanity exterminators fail dramatically across every channel to make a bit of sense and claim they are lawful while throwing Constitution in trash stating they are “wiser” when obviously there not.
    Nancy claims Constitutionalist status but doesn’t even know her own name.
    Party of Dem’entia sees its end as it goes down in flames like Teresa May.
    Criminal indictments for 2020 pending.

  13. Patriot Solutions says:

    Operation White Rabbit takes toll on liberalization now they can enjoy the tea.
    Gitmo open for business!

  14. Patriot Solutions says:

    Colorado gun grabber deep state mafia about to suffer the trickle down affect as thier masters get thier fudge pushed in and the shit moves to thier front doors. I hope they are not indifferent to tropical climate. I hear there is no snow at Gitmo.

  15. Richard says:

    Time to call a spade a spade. Local media refers to the school shooters with the propaganda term, ” gun men”, when in fact, they should be called , ” mentally disturbed students”.
    Almost zero mention mention one was a gender confused, i.e. ” propagandized” by today’s progressive ( ungodly), leaders of chaos, and the other a cowardly , purple hair, Trump hater.
    Our children are being turned into America hating, Socialist loving, empathy lacking, morality denying , zombies who will defy all norms of decency as well as being propagandized into the train of thought that their personal grievances supersede others inherent rights.
    The media are complicit in not being brave enough to tell the truth, in the advancement of Marxist, godless thought , in which they are cowards and advocates of said beliefs.
    Today’s government schools are cesspools. Homeschool your kids to avoid them becoming drones of the state.

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      Agreed, and I raise you one example.
      FOX fake U.N. Vatican Crown Globalist news reports man fends off armed attackers and not once do they report if the attackers have gun permits or registrations or if they are legally in possession of lawful arms as they do when citizens use guns to protect themselves.
      This is a classic example of propaganda against Americans.
      Last time I fended off 4 attackers police let them walk away with no charges and didn’t even ask them for ID and never detained them for home invasion. Americans need to wake up and get off that fake gov Koolaid.

      1. Richard says:

        Exactly. 5 meth/opiod gang dealers caught in Larimer county last year, had 5 firearms determined used in previous crimes, judge released them on bail.
        Family member in Illinois last year, neighbor firing off a pistol into the air while drunk, police called, determined he is a previous felon, 3 days later was back driving in neighboorhood, despite 5 yr fed min for felon possession.

        1. Patriot Solutions says:

          Different felon laws in different states. Colorado felon can’t have firearm until after parole completed though Constitution says no person shall be denied the right to self defense. If felon uses gun in crime inside of 10 years after felony sentence completed it is a previous offender with a weapon charge. Beyond the 10 years it is no different than any other citizen. Now USSC has left door open to these charges in that if a felony was non violent then perhaps it doesn’t meet their criteria for a felon in possession charge even if by statute it does. Reasoning is 2A shall not be infringed and can get a felony for simple crime like small drug possession or jaywalking. Lol. Felonies are very easy to get. Standard meth head can get a felony just because of having a tiny amount of meth = life destroyed over personal drug use. Now if they are habitual mass murder then that is a different story but even in Colorado the 10 year law still applies and is one reason Colorado guns are under attack. They want to give people a felony for whatever reason then steal all rights forever like good communists. I don’t believe the gov has the right to take anybody’s right to self defense since gov did not give the right to life. The right to protect ones life is derived by nature and if someone does a bad crime then lock them up but don’t strip people of the right to defend themselves. If criminals are that bad then why have them out walking around. I believe 2A says every American has the right that it is an inalienable right that can’t be lost, stolen, traded, given away or taken. That it is like your skin. a Different felon laws in different states. Colorado felon can’t have firearm until after parole completed though Constitution says no person shall be denied the right to self defense. If felon uses gun in crime inside of 10 years after felony sentence completed it is a previous offender with a weapon charge. Beyond the 10 years it is no different than any other citizen. Now USSC has left door open to these charges in that if a felony was non violent then perhaps it doesn’t meet their criteria for a felon in possession charge even if by statute it does. Reasoning is 2A shall not be infringed and can get a felony for simple crime like small drug possession or jaywalking. Lol. Felonies are very easy to get. Standard meth head can get a felony just because of having a tiny amount of meth = life destroyed over personal drug use. Now if they are habitual mass murder then that is a different story but even in Colorado the 10 year law still applies and is one reason Colorado guns are under attack. They want to give people a felony for whatever reason then steal all rights forever like good communists. Here’s a link to more info. That is going into the USSC on this issue. Currently USSC says they will judge each case independently but Esquires are pushing for a ruling to clarify in blanket fashion which is ultimately the correct thing to do. Colorado recently decriminalized some drug offenses to reduce this felon issue and it was one good thing they did. They really need to focus more on specific violent crime offenses though I’m not a fan of what Cali did making it a ticket to have a full sandwich bag of meth like they show on you tube and if you get the ticket you still get to keep the huge sack of meth. That’s kinda nutty but it keeps the CIA in business so it is the case.

          1. Patriot Solutions says:

            Got kinda screwy due to my phone is small and bad reception. Dunno how else that happened.

          2. Patriot Solutions says:

            And to wrap this up if you look up the U.N. Disarmement documents that they are now hiding and say are fake to hide the agenda you will learn that gun control is actually mandated by the UN to disarm Americans for the world government so when they dispatch UN troops into US soil you can’t resist. UN troops are mass murders and the current political climate has this scheduled for USA. USA is far from out of the woods on what it is going down. Very far.

          3. Patriot Solutions says:

            And in addition, UN is run by black pope they take his orders because he is boss of this 7th rise of the Roman Empire of which USA is a colony of and pope wants our white Christian ass’s dead. Go read your Bible because that’s what it says and it is everything going on right now and in future days. USA is currently in chapter 17 of Revelation and there are only 22 chapters. If you don’t know this info then you would be entirely out of the loop as to what is going down. It’s a must read. We’re going to have a war and when in war you will be on the same side as others fighting against the opposite side and you won’t care about if a person has committed a crime or what color they are or if they like their beer dark or light if they have your back.

          4. Patriot Solutions says:

            Luke 22:36-38 New International Version (NIV)
            36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. 37 It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’[a]; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.”

          5. Richard says:

            When 5 people are running a hard drug selling operation hooking people on death level drugs, have been using firearms in crimes, have boatloads of stolen property, etc , they should be locked up as no different than those who use political tools to tear down the Constitution. In my opinion they have voided their humanity when they turn into animals against society, with not a care for fellow human beings or their property.
            Why do you suppose corrupt pols drive for all felons to have right to vote? Illegals to vote? To introduce more chaos and negation of solid citizen vote.

        2. Patriot Solutions says:

          Cali boots murderers out of prison after serving 7 years so a 5 year minimum for possession of a tool is…………………………….. well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you know.
          Just sayin,
          Colorado has a law against shooting a house. Do you think it applies when shooting through walls to defend your life?
          Don’t wanna get you any more angry but Colorado is scrapping the whole bail concept also. Hell Richard pretty soon we wont even be arresting people if we keep going in this direction.
          You’re fun buddy, I like you. We should hang out. 🙂

  16. Patriot Solutions says:

    If you think Polis is a libertarian and Hickenlooper is not a socialist from news reports going around then I have some beach front property in Wyoming for sale that might interest you where the sand is pure white like Florida.
    They came out in the open and took off their lambs fleece so you could see their real Wolf hide don’t be fooled into thinking they are like us because they are not. They’re predators.

  17. Patriot Solutions says:

    In the local news a 57 year old man stabbed to death in Adams County by a punk and not a word about making knives illegal but if the victim had a gun and used it then it would be all about his permits and if he had the right to use a gun to defend his life but instead, he’s dead. Unarmed and dead.

    Go ahead and comply to disarmament and be dead next. Don’t say we have not warned you.
    Be armed, remain alive.

  18. Patriot Solutions says:

    GUns are required for the security of a free state therefore gun control is treasonous and those who support it are traitors. They gave you 911 in place of 2A and look at the damage it causes daily. Got you trained to call someone who is under no legal obligation to protect you. Any respectable politician would null n void gun control in its entirety though not one will because every one is a tyrant the only difference is which flavor of tyrant do you prefer. Who boots do you like to lick. Personally, I don’t care much for any of them if I must be truthful. Not one goes by the Constitution, not one.

  19. Patriot Solutions says:

    Globalist aka gun grabber is Pope n Queen. All else are simply minions.
    Globalist = Satanist = Antichrist
    This is who they really are when we say “Globalist” And is ultimately a Nazi crime family as history proves. Even Putin came out years ago and said pope is a fraud and it is absolutely true. Is why he sits in Satan’s throne at the Vatican and has bones of children buried beneath. All this is verifiable on the net. Not a secret.

  20. Patriot Solutions says:

    Pope tells black people white people are racist kill them.
    Tells white people black people are racist kill them.
    Tells Mexicans same about white people and visa versus kill em all.
    Tells gov to take guns from criminals created by gov drug smuggling while sitting on bones of children.

    Is the illusion breaking down yet?

    Gov smuggled in drugs convicts users of using them steals rights then wages war upon society.
    See how this works?

    Is illusion breaking down yet?

    What if I told you one person was ultimately pulling all the strings to everything before your eyes?

    Illusion breaking down yet?

    Gun grabbers are hypocrites with evil agenda. No man has the right to say the next has no rights. That is GODs work.

  21. Patriot Solutions says:

    Go look up pics of cop badges, perhaps from southern Cali for example and note the pedophila symbols on them and know how the Pope gets those bones under his chair. Sorry you thought the world was so perfect.

    Illusion breaking down yet?

  22. Patriot Solutions says:

    Go on you tube and look up cops promoting guns and see they wear Nazi symbols on their plain cloths. Sorry you thought the world was perfect.

    Illusion breaking down yet?

  23. Patriot Solutions says:

    Some of those bones were hunted in the forest by the Globalist gun grabbers and killed as wild game and there are large reservations around the globe where they do this and if you go research you will see many of these bones come from your area. All is 100% traceable right to your area and been going on for ages because that’s what the Globalist in the Roman Empire do. Sorry to ruin your fake idea of the real world but go read for yourselves. You get charged with crimes and they feed off of you. Go read and get out a little will ya.

    Illusion breaking down yet?

  24. Patriot Solutions says:

    Trump said, we don’t worship government.

    Translation: We don’t worship the Antichrist.

    All those fake Jews on your screen are fake because they work for Antichrist. Trump is not, does not.

    Real Jews arent on your screen trying to harm you. Those are fake Jews.

    Antichrist though Hillary would win without showing up and it didn’t happen or you would be dead by now or still running for your life.

    Insurrection Act will call ALL patriots up not just ones deamed better than others.

    Illusion beginning to break down yet?

    Nothing here is secret it’s just the gov didn’t peel back your skull and put this info in there like they did all that bad stuff.


    What do you think Trump meant when he said Americans will not go silently into the night?

    You just wait and see as this illusion breaks down entirely for every American and global friend of USA.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  25. Patriot Solutions says:

    Tactical advantage over Americans is they already know all of what I told you and more. Hang out with me and you will see everything I say outside your window without leaving the house

  26. Patriot Solutions says:

    Trump = cork in extra large bottle of champagne. Everything on your screen = paint shaker with champagne bottle in it. You will know when the cork finally comes out because you will be ducking and you will instantly grow eyes in the back of your head.
    Big events to come.
    Clock is ticking.

  27. Patriot Solutions says:

    TAPS Act for those who resist tyranny. Still think it is only those pesky socialists who are out to get you? Still think Trump is going to save you? Still think you have your rights that you are protected by the Constitution? That your so called fake constitutionalist Sheriffs are going to protect you even though they are the first to confiscate your gun if you use it? Still think your 1A is alive and well? Still think FEMA camps aren’t waiting for your arrival?
    Illusion wearing off yet?

  28. Patriot Solutions says:

    Trump says arm up and don’t let the law stop you that your safety comes first.

    This is front page news yet not on the front page. Ask yourself why.

    Trump is speaking the word of GOD directly from the Bible in this statement and the Biblical word of GOD says to trade your cloak for arms if you must to obtain them and 2 is enough for the upcoming battle between good and evil aka the Muslim Beast system. It is written that GOD has commanded His chosen to stand with Him by His side in this battle of Armageddon and to not obey the Muslim Beast system which is gun control among other things. Those who try to enforce any level of gun control on His chosen are working for the Muslim Beast system. Now is the time to stand with Trump and GOD as we go forward into this battle of Armageddon. Note that Trump does not exclude types of people from self defense and that is because everybody has the right to protect their lives. GOD would not have created you otherwise, what would be the point.


    Arm up & Carry on.

  29. Patriot Solutions says:

    I know what you’re saying above Richard. I was in the middle of some of that Cartel operation that just got rounded up by the Fed’s along the front range. Cartel was my neighbors and it was not good. Many of the stalkers I have been telling you about for sometime were due to this and were cartel and Fed’s investigating them. So yeah, lock em up. Don’t let em out if they’re a threat. Don’t strip people of rights indefinitely. Keep em locked up till they are cured. No rights in jail for the most part but reinstated once they have fulfilled their debt, served their sentence. Lifetime sanctions I do not support outside of incarceration. Ultimately lifetime sanctions lead right to our front doors just like current day USA.

  30. Patriot Solutions says:

    Gun grabber drug runners BUSTED!

    And we thought only Cartel was in the drug business.
    Ha, no we didn’t, were not that stupid.
    Around here at my Denver suburb home cops drive right past the meth house 3 houses down to harass people who have not committed any crime. They are the laughing stock of this area.
    Over on You Tube on John Filax channel his sink hole audit highlights cop masturbating (who harassed John) in a woman’s front yard. Cop actually made front page of newspaper. Lol.
    Around here they have underage girls over for parties and cocktails and get busted for it publicly.
    These people are the first to infringe on our rights while saying, “I’m just doing my job”.

    Go ahead lick their boots if that’s what Americans want to do.

  31. Patriot Solutions says:

    Current statistics from Jan 1, 2019 to this current minute of this post.

    1,040,124 lives saved from use of a firearm.
    5,485 Homicides using a gun.
    19,511 Traffic deaths.
    8,931 Deaths from falling.
    6,107 Suffocation deaths.


    Gun control is a scam and until it is addressed for the scam it is based on hard facts such as real stats bootlickers will be licking boots.
    But hey, what do I know those cops are “just doin my job” fluxing Americans up the back side.

    Disclaimer: I am not anti cop I’m anti bullshit and I call bullshit because liars disgust me!

  32. Patriot Solutions says:

    Current statistics from Jan 1, 2019 to this current minute of this post.

    1,044,964 lives saved from use of a firearm.
    5,510 Homicides using a gun.
    19,602 Traffic deaths.
    8,972 Deaths from falling.
    6,135 Suffocation deaths.


    Gun control is a scam and until it is addressed for the scam it is based on hard facts such as real stats bootlickers will be licking boots.
    FAKE courts operating under fraudulent constitution backed up by FAKE federal laws tried to steal your rights and BOOTLICKERS bought into the scam. My attorney admits those laws are FAKE and says they’re just rules. Anybody with a luke warm IQ can go look this up. Since 1871 Congress represents the shareholders of US Corporation not the American people and that is how you became BOOTLICKERS playing into their psyop of gun control. If you’re not getting pissed off then may I ask what it will take to get you there?

  33. Patriot Solution says:

    Bootlickers can clearly see in current day politics the expansion of laws and lists to further broaden lifetime sanctions and even ensnare people for misdemeanors or at that rate even ensnare them with RED FLAG laws that are entirely unconstitutional and if bootlickers still think they are untouchable then bootlickers are fooled once again as this agenda heads to the door of every bootlicker. I could never be so fooled as to thinking I am immune to what I support. That I am above exactly what I want to impose upon others. I have learned otherwise. This is clearly stated in the Bible and any real Christian knows this to be fact. It is never too late to learn these things is what I would like to state but fact is time is running out now and again all GOD fearing Christians knows this is truth.
    The clock is ticking on the Apostate Church get our of her while the getting is good.

    REFUSE TO COMPLY to the Muslim Beast systems gun control agenda for He has commanded His chosen to do so. His command is written it is the fork in the road. You’re either with Him or you’re with the Beast.

  34. Patriot Solutions says:

    It’s really too bad that apparently there aren’t any (fake) Esquires that would help out a group that seeks to protect rights. I guess it is a clear indication of their true colors. In all honesty it’s due to them to begin with why these rights are under fire so helping the little folk,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well,,,,, you know.
    Crown Vatican Esquires don’t represent We The People and that is why they are called Crown Vatican Esquires I mean my goodness at what point do bootlickers begin understanding bootlickers were sold out years ago. Ask Bundy’s they been there done that.

  35. Patriot Solutions says:

    Current statistics from Jan 1, 2019 to this current minute of this post.

    1,048,004 lives saved from use of a firearm.
    5,527 Homicides using a gun.
    19,659 Traffic deaths.
    8,998 Deaths from falling.
    6,153 Suffocation deaths.


    Gun control is a scam and until it is addressed for the scam it is based on hard facts such as real stats bootlickers will be ass raped by the US Corporation which is not even a government and that’s why it’s rape.
    See above post and calculate previous numbers and please explain how this scam makes even the slightest bit of logical sense. Help me understand.
    I’m waiting…………………………………..

  36. Patriot Solutions says:

    Roots of gun control traced directly to Soviet Union, Hitler and Red China. A quick read reveals a few key players and how this genocide agenda came to USA and is now trying to genocide Americans. These are not just radicals or socialists but rather the same identical system of genocide that is already proven globally and USA is next if they get their way. It’s why they want the guns. Gun control has not a thing to do with public safety as the stats above clearly indicate. 5,527 murders using a gun in the first 6 months of 2019 in a country of 350,000,000 people illegals included is not a high number.

    Gun control is genocide and look how obvious the evidence is. Go ahead and demand those you don’t like be disarmed and contribute to genocide if that’s what you want to do but just remember your turn will come.

    Gun control is a lie, are you a sucker for lies? I’m not and I refuse to be played as a fool. USA needs to get some balls and stand up to the lies or be buried with them. This whole fake news agenda based on lies is for the pathetically ignorant. People should be ashamed to be this stupid but then they are down at the hardware store returning a package of 10 screws that they used 6 screws out of and they want credit for the remaining 4 screws of an opened/used package and they demand the credit in cash though they made the original purchase on a CC. Lol.

  37. Patriot Solutions says:

    Genocide of political enemies and religious persons since 1915 although those who support the gun control as listed say genocide is not their agenda when facts prove otherwise. USA stats not included due to the numbers still undetermined but stay tuned………………………..
    Historical fact of gun control is UNDENIABLE.
    Hamas Caucus doesn’t want you to know this information and that should send up red flags no pun intended.

    Go ahead comply, get on the chart.

  38. Patriot Solutions says:

    You see, the facts posted in above posts are why they all but throw gun advocates out the door at hearings and obstruct advocates in every sense because they oppose facts. Facts get in the way of political agenda. Facts are to be discarded. Want to see who “they” are, just present facts and they will come after you and that’s a fact. Fact is “they” spent a century covering up facts so who are we to dig them up and attempt to present them. Politics and facts are entirely opposite ends of the reality spectrum. Eliminate facts and only political illusion can remain. Houdini was good, these politicians are better. Liars all of them and they all have guns it’s just your guns they want.

  39. Patriot Solutions says:

    Nice Commerce City vid of Huseman, good job!

    Glad Commerce City decided to stand with Constitutional Colorado USA.

    This is still USA and We The People demand obedience to the Constitutions. Criminals under the golden dome have no authority whatsoever to subvert our Constitutions by dreaming up unconstitutional laws that We The People have not consented to nor granted any authority to create in any way, shape or fashion.

    We The People REFUSE TO COMPLY to the whims of tyrants!

  40. Patriot Solutions says:

    A quick look in the news and I count 4 in 4.

    Get em Uncle Sam.

    Long live the Republic!



  41. Patriot Solutions says:

    6 now.

    and counting……………………………….

    Popcorn in hand watching the show.
    Thinking Saturday night will be a doozie. Lol.

    Looks like Clintonista chicom green energy sell out of USA that Polis gang shut down Colorado energy to sell us is unraveling and it’s a good thing because I don’t want it.
    Good thing USA has those comms.
    Gun grabbing is the last thing on his mind tonight. Loooooool.

  42. Patriot Solutions says:

    8 and counting and the day is not over.

    Chicom electric in Cali turning off peoples electricity saying electric lines could start fires when 35 years ago Cali was lighting the fires with match’s and was common everyday knowledge in the path of destruction. As they expand outages for 2020 election coup of Trump and hostile takeover their motive of gun control will be revealed as they set their criminals loose on you when they turn off your power. I would stay away from big box stores that sell electronics and shoe stores that sell NIKE’s. Not new news bootlickers we were discussing this years ago and now it’s happening though nothing can happen in USA due to all these rights that everybody is dripping with making them invincible. They got everybody nicely segregated between races, who has rights and who doesn’t have rights, who can say what they want and who can’t say what they want and who can have guns and who can’t have guns, taller people versus shorter ones and hair colors let not leave the hair colors out etc. USA is ripe for what is no longer coming but happening right before our eyes though until your juice is turned off nobody will care even in the slightest because they are all so entitled. Entitled people in Cali today just realized they should have had a back up generator wired to their electrical panel BEFORE current chicom grid down event. What a sales technique for chicom green energy scam that will not work don’t ya think? If none of this can happen in America then why is it happening in America? Can you imagine grid down in big city where EVERYTHING is using electricity?
    Stay tuned……………………………………………………………….
    You’re fixin to learn why the cops in my county no longer drive marked vehicles and don’t wear uniforms and I don’t blame them. They’re smarter than standard bootlickers that’s for sure. Looooooooooooool.

  43. Patriot Solutions says:

    Gowdy on guns.
    No shortage of “ammo” in this video.

  44. Patriot Solutions says:

    Here Richard, this video lists every type of person that should not be allowed to have firearms and it should be what every gun rights organization stands for settling for nothing less because if they are for anything less than stated in the video they are on the wrong side of the issue. There is no compromise. Is compromise existed it would be written into 2A.

    Better get out your flack jacket buddy because Independence Day is coming soon and those idiots are going to be outside shooting up in the air and probably liquored up. Yeah I know it’s not safe to do that but it is tradition. Never said people were perfect. Loooool. I’m sure we’ll live through it after all we got this far didn’t we.

  45. Patriot Solutions says:

    True essence of freedom. (Educational)

  46. Patriot Solutions says:

    You see folks unconstitutional gun control and IT IS ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL is actually gun Marxism an ism they don’t want you to know exists and it is like heroin in that once you try just a little bit and become empowered by it’s intoxication of superiority you become instantly addicted and then you have broken the parameters of the rule which ultimately will be YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION. Even the best of most pro gun people are still buying into the gun Marxism to some degree due to it’s intoxication and they do not fool me one bit.

    “Gun Marxism” the truth behind gun control of gun violence scam.

    Gotta bust through that illusion of Kool-Aid because it is toxic brew or remain bootlickers forever.

  47. Patriot Solutions says:

    9 and counting.

  48. Patriot Solutions says:

    10 and counting.

  49. Patriot Solutions says:

    Ask Sheriff Clark if THEY gave your purchase info to the UN and the Cartel so they know who to come after and be advised, has been going on in Colorado for 10 years minimum and is currently on the street in front of your house. YOU are NOT EXEMPT and as the illusion breaks down YOU could be next. Keep that tracking devise in your pocket so they know exactly where and when to find you. Rat yourself out and make their job easy. We were discussing this day 3 years ago and waiting for it to start and now it’s here. Rest assured now that everybody has sold each other out with the gun Marxism you just may be on your own. Enjoy the RED FLAG hospitality because if you think that Trump is going to save your bacon it will be proven how sadly mistaken you are.

    10 and counting, day is young.
    We will ultimately begin losing count and it will ultimately come right to your front door in broad daylight.

  50. Patriot Solutions says:

    11, still early. Bet we get another one today.

    “Joan Riversed”, lol.

    Dropping like flies.

    LAPD if I remember correctly has those pedo symbols on the badge and don’t think for one second that it has nothing to do with current events.

  51. Patriot Solutions says:

    ((((((Blue Flu))))))


  52. Patriot Solutions says:

    ALL federal gun laws are unconstitutional!

    Therefore ANY person wishing to enforce these tyrannical laws upon another person is a TYRANT and a MARXIST and should never be allowed into ANY government job and/or ANY pro gun group because to have the desire to deny a person their GOD given rights is the work of Satan. What next take their car for speeding in front of your house? Demand they change their offensive tee shirt? Cut off their Champagne because you like beer better? Categorize others for the color of vehicle they drive? Once you buy into this thinking you are complicit in the destruction of your country so let’s just be clear on who the real enemy of USA is.
    Gun control is entirely unfounded scam based on LIES!

  53. Patriot Solutions says:

    So they take guns from sex offenders and give them Viagra and this makes sense how?

    Me thinks the system is bull shit, sorry but it’s true. FREE Viagra for sex offenders? Why, please explain.
    I’m waiting………………………….
    Come on man help me understand the logic………………………………….

    What next, return a thief’s stolen property when released from jail? I mean after all they worked to steal it right? Why not let em keep it. They have rights don’t they?

  54. Patriot Solutions says:

    Picture at top with 7 badges shows why police are not investigating Pizzagate.
    Picture of FBI letter on the left details symbols showing that gun grabber police are involved in illegal activity and they’re proud enough of it to put the pedo symbols on their badge. This concludes this lesson in that you are being disarmed by criminals aka pizzagate a global crime syndicate.

    Howz that illusion, wearing off yet?

    Like I keep telling you it’s all a lie.

  55. Patriot Solutions says:

    The “count” is the result of Operation Broken Heart in which the Clintonista global cabal (gun grabbers) is hitting names placed on the round up list by DOJ much like a board game the DOJ writes down a name and the cabal hits it to save Clintonista cabal due to criminal indictments of which many Clintonistas will not live to see the courtroom due to the ((((((Blue Flu)))))). Sit back, chill out, grab some popcorn and watch the show as it comes to every town USA and whatever you do be cautious answering the door to stay out of the way while Trump does his job. STORM is here, will last for a couple few years I’m guessing so don’t be blown away in it.

  56. Patriot Solutions says:

    One can clearly see there is a tropical version of the ((((((Blue Flu)))))) going around also due to the global nature of the pandemic which is all quite related to the gun grabbers because it is the same machine getting ill. Watch it spread globally. At some point we must give credit where credit is due to those creative thinkers producing these story lines but then they have been doing this for our entire lifetimes plus some and is how we got to where we are today. Lies, lies, lies tell me sweet little lies tell me lies.

  57. Patriot Solutions says:

    (((((Blue Flu))))) comes to Cabalorado.
    13 is more than a gross.
    An epidemic.

    Big Box stores getting hit with false flag attacks in the news and done to take your rights so they can give you their Muslim NWO. Attacks being planned in Cabalorado too so stay tuned. Middle easterners are being found in store areas off limits to nonemployees as they case these stores out but you won’t read this on your fake news. Nah, nothing going on in USA because we have rights and are invincible. Be sure to obey the unconstitutional laws. Your compliance is required.

  58. Patriot Solutions says:

    Richard, over on the gun sites more and more people everyday are awakening to the gun control scam realizing they bought a load of crap and now they understand that false flags have been used to steal their rights and they are pissed. They no longer are promoting the taking of rights from anybody because they can see how it has lead to their own front door. Looks to me like the frog will be jumping out of the frying pan relatively soon. Americans have a high resistance to tyranny, I’ll give them that.

  59. Patriot Solutions says:

    20+ and rolling hard.

    It’s not fare to us that some these hit jobs goes in the column of homicide using a gun on the stats sheet but what the hell go ahead and put 40-50,000 more there who cares. Free the flu!

  60. Patriot Solutions says:

    Freedom of speech insults the left so they need to take your rights and murder you.

  61. Patriot Solutions says:

    Gorsuch et’al moves the marker in opposite direction toward freedom.

  62. Patriot Solutions says:

    Gun grabber anticonstitutionalist unAmerican scum have convinced me they are ALL mentally retarded ignorant trash that declares war on America. I’m not voting for any of them all the way to the highest office in the land. I don’t even Trumps gun control so we’ll see if he makes it in 2020. Hopefully he can swim. Elitist scum, all of them.

  63. Patriot Solutions says:

    Truth about 2A from Codrea who understands what being an American is about.
    Caution, if you think any person should be disarmed this short read will bust your cherry. If you don’t support what Codrea says then you’re not American please step across the aisle and be with your kind.
    No free man should be barred the use of arms. Thomas Jefferson

  64. Patriot Solutions says:

    Registration for confiscation identical to what Hitler did and for exactly the same reason as history repeats itself.
    Happy Independence Day!

  65. Patriot Solutions says:

    Now the Colorado gov has openly stated they are going to confiscate ALL real property even property paid off in full you will learn that your property tax that the Crown has been charging you is just a rental fee for property that the Veoen owns since the purchase of stock in the US Corporation back when Congress sold America to the globalists. The Act of 1871 goes in to more detail and can find good vids on you tube. The fraudulent Constitution you have been operating under since the formation of US Corporation only allows for priveledged therefore you have NO RIGHTS. Esquires don’t represent you they represent the Crown and again you are deceived within your own false narrative. Is why they don’t throw unconstitutional gun laws out. Stop and think about this a little. You should begin packing so you’re ready to surrender your property. You’re NOT EXCLUDED. Perhaps stupid for refusing these facts a long time ago but stupidity doesn’t invoke exclusion. Like Trump said months ago on twitter, “Americans will not go silently into the night” and again right over your head in one ear and out the other the warning went. If you still don’t know why they demand your guns there is nothing more anybody can do for you.

  66. Patriot Solutions says:

    Bloomberg gun grabbing days coming to a close.

    Coming soon to a theater near you!

    Watch NY.

  67. Patriot Solutions says:

    Grid down NYC.


    Don’t depend on MSN to report the REAL cause.

  68. Patriot Solutions says:

    Biden (gun grabber) dropping out due to health concerns also known as being indicted for treason. Will get the needle like McCain, Bush etc.
    I heard many of them are getting sick due to treason flu.
    Will be difficult to keep trying to take guns when needle inserted for treason.
    We will ultimately run out of gun grabbers to execute in a few years so enjoy the show while it lasts.

  69. Patriot Solutions says:

    Restoration of the Republic under way!

    1776, 2.0 Part 2.

    Patriots in control.

  70. Patriot Solutions says:

    Have yet to hear any MSN/liberals publically make note that the lunatic lefty Antifa who fire bombed ICE facility and was armed was in possession of permits and registrations and/or otherwise “lawful” possession of a firearm. Conservative Americans & Trump supporters defending their lives are discriminated against consistently over this very issue which is in violation of the US Constitution in many ways.

    Note: I would not encourage firearm possession on government property while making note that ALL firearm possession is lawful and ALL gun laws are unlawful outside of the plain English text of 2A. When the radical left comes a gunning and fire bombing you give them the same treatment as Gov.

    If they only understood that Trump is going to be President for many more that 5 more years they would totally flip out.

    Communists will not succeed.
    We do not surrender nor do we comply.

  71. Patriot Solutions says:

    Today, the day Cory Gardner (loser/POS) solidifies his destiny by running to it.

    No, I’m not “astonished”.

  72. Patriot Solutions says:

    Kameltoe Harris following needle bait Biden.

    NONE will survive the wrath. Not one. NONE.

    Global cleansing under way and NO they don’t get a deal so they should stop begging Trump on back channels. NO DEALS for traitors only needles.

    Global Awakening to the scam of tyrants underway then comes the needle.

    Enjoy the show. It is their last performance.

  73. Patriot Solutions says:

    Canaanite elitist human sacrificing gun grabbers exposed and you thought they are just radical communists.

    Only those who seek to harm you seek to disarm you.

    EVERY gun grabber is going down hard.

    NONE can survive The Storm.

    1776 2.0 Part 2

  74. Patriot Solutions says:

    Epstein doc dump will incriminate many other Muslim/Canaanite pedo gun grabbers who have been sacrificing us for years. The occult/Muslim/Canaanite invasion of USA will be overwhelming information as it unravels for all to see while Trump+/Q clean the mess up leaving not a single un-American traitor standing globally aka The Deep State Muslim Takeover by Satan’s minions.
    Hillary is commanding her troops in an attempt to evade their fate of the needle to begin attacking us therefore lock n load and be ready to defend your lives wherever you may be. REFUSE TO COMPLY to their unconstitutional gun laws they created to disarm America for this day when they attack.
    Old guard from Satan is being replaced with an entirely new Gov.

    Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032……………………………………………….

  75. Patriot Solutions says:

    A who’s who of gun grabbers from which a person concerned in preventing the illegal theft of GOD granted rights might find useful…………

  76. Patriot Solutions says:

    Witness the meltdown of the FAKE politicians (foreign crime syndicate/Mafia) as they run to their destruction.

    Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032……………………………………………….

  77. Patriot Solutions says:

    Which gun grabbers have gone missing (military court martial for treason under way)?
    August will be hot across the US especially in cities where pedo gun grabbers exist.
    Watch closely, keep count.
    Storm approaching.

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