VIDEO: Leftist Protester Wants AK-47 To "Mow Down" Gun Rights Activists

A group called “Longmont Leads With Love” has been protesting every Saturday in the same spot since Trump was elected in 2016.  This group of mostly baby boomers come together in a small commons area at 6th and Main in Longmont, CO.  Their message varies from week to week and person to person, but wanting more gun control is always part of it.  These protests are regularly attended by Longmont City Council members and the city of Longmont even passed a bizarre anti-gun resolution last year.

Recently a handful of Longmont residents decided they were tired of these protesters going unchallenged and started a counter-protest group they’ve coined as “Longmont Leads With Logic“.  So now, while the so-called “Love” group protests, you will find the “Logic” group on the opposite side of the street with signs, flags, and some even openly carrying firearms.

In an attempt to better understand what the “Love” group wants, people from the other side attempt to have conversations with them.  This exchange was caught on video.  A woman dressed in a Handmaid’s Tale costume, who was apparently protesting Trump’s boot on her neck, stated that if she had an AK-47, she’d mow down all the counter-protesters across the street.  Not very “loving” if you ask us.



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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Leftist Protester Wants AK-47 To “Mow Down” Gun Rights Activists

  1. Dugan Flynn says:

    LOVE YOUR EFFORTS LESLIE!! Keep up the good fight!!

  2. Rob Watson says:

    Regarding the Red Flag Law (Unconstitutional Gun Confiscation Civil Law) and the “first case” in Colorado, if you read the case with critical discernment, he first claimed that the officers saved him from committing suicide. False. First, the law wasn’t even enacted yet when the incident occurred. We know the respondent turned over the first gun he had at the time of the incident. I believe he HAD to. The charges against him required the gun be confiscated by the police as it was probably evidence. Then, well after the fact, after the first of the year, the man then turned over a .45 which he had the whole time. I would contend that had the individual wanted to commit suicide as he claimed, he still had one gun available to him for days before he voluntarily surrendered it so the so called “Red Flag” savior was bogus.

  3. torrent says:

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