60 YO Man Killed In Self Defense By 23 YO Woman Is Memorialized As “Gun Violence” Victim - Rally for our Rights - Bruce Jones Aubrey Bowlin

UPDATE:  On Sunday evening, December 16th, the GunMemorial website quietly removed this perpetrator from their pages after receiving so much backlash from this article.  Unfortunately, we have discovered thousands of other violent criminals who were killed in self defense on their site. We’ll be exposing some of the worst here soon.

On February 8, 2018 a young woman shot and killed her attacker during a public road rage incident.  23 year old Aubrey Bowlin, was riding her motorcycle along I-5 in Milton, Washington when an irate driver began to act recklessly.

According to witnesses, 60 year old Bruce Jones was distraught by the way Bowlin was driving her motorcycle.  He boxed her into a location she could not drive away from. Jones exited his vehicle and physically attacked the young woman who was sitting on her bike. A fight followed, initiated by the much larger man.  At one point, Bowlin head-butted Jones, who then drove Bowlin’s head into the jersey barrier before taking her to the ground.  He hit her and shook her, she described, like a dog shaking a toy in its mouth. He violently tried to rip her helmet off and was choking her with the neck strap.  She believed he was going to choke her to death. Bowlin shot Jones once in the chest when he attempted to climb on top of her.  Jones died at the scene.

No charges were filed and Bowlin was exonerated by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, as this was a clear case of self defense.  Bowlin was a permitted concealed pistol carrier.  She called 911 after ending the attack with her fatal shot, and waited at the scene.  She did everything right, although according to her, she still suffers from PTSD.

Seems like an open and shut case, right?  Nope.

It’s been discovered that the website gunmemorial.org, which puts up photos of people whose lives have been “lost to gun violence,” is memorializing this perpetrator as a “gun violence victim”.  In fact, 90 virtual candles have been lit for him at the time of this writing.  This is a man who nearly pummeled a 23 year old woman to death on the side of the interstate for the public to see.  And he is being held up as the victim by the anti-gun community.

60 YO Man Killed In Self Defense By 23 YO Woman Is Memorialized As “Gun Violence” Victim - Rally for our Rights - Bruce Jones Aubrey Bowlin

It begs the question of how many other of these so-called “victims” are actually perpetrators.  The anti-gun movement has adopted the term “homicide” when speaking of stats.  But did you know homicide and murder are not the same?  Homicide is all death except suicide – even justified deaths, such as those killed in self defense, as is the example here, as well as law enforcement related deaths.  Murder is a malicious act with the intent to cause death (or serious harm resulting in death).  Aubrey Bowlin could have been a murder victim, but she was not because instead she made Bruce Jones a homicide case.  See how that works?  With the ability to sway public opinion so easily by simply using a different word, it’s no wonder those who wish to to take away an individual’s right to self defense with a firearm would use the term homicide in their argument as it carries a much higher number.  A number that portrays perpetrators as victims.

It doesn’t take much digging into this Gun Memorial website to find their connection to the Gun Violence Archive – the website behind the widely spread number of 307 “mass shootings” in 2018 – a story we completely debunked after doing some serious research. (By the way, that real number is 6, not 307).  Gun Violence Archive also makes a habit out of holding up violent criminals as victims – simply by using the word homicide.

Why is it the same people who claim to support women’s rights, want to take away a woman’s right to defend herself with a firearm?  Help us get this billboard up by donating here: www.gofundme.com/gun-rights-billboards

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55 thoughts on “60 YO Man Killed In Self Defense By 23 YO Woman Is Memorialized As “Gun Violence” Victim

  1. R.Davidson says:

    The guy had it coming.

    1. Debra says:

      Yes, he sure did! He was bully in a road rage incident! Thankful she was able to survive his attack…

      1. Delmer says:

        Thank God she was able to survive. That is the way road rage bullies are they think they are always right especially when they are stronger than the other person. It doesn’t always work out that way!

    2. Brian K says:

      Bet he wont do that agsin.

      1. Russ Hamilton says:

        At least not very often…

        1. PHILIP E LEWIS says:


      2. Lochlin says:


    3. Wallace Dunn says:

      Looks like his name and photo have been removed. I tried to find it and it’s not there.

  2. Steven Cox says:

    That web site did the same with the guy I shot. Dark early morning, my backyard, trying to steal, ambushes me and trying to take my gun away. He was a known felon with a long rap sheet and a warrant out for his arrest. Toxicology report showed he was on Meth, heroin and opioids. But I was made out to be the bad guy – no charges referred.

    1. Russ Hamilton says:

      Glad you came out on top!

    2. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Email us the details at [email protected]. You are one of MANY who have reached out to us about this scenario. Aubrey is not alone. We even had someone reach out to us who is listed as deceased on the website who is alive and well. They won’t remove her.

    3. GyMack says:

      You did great keeping a potential murderer 6 feet under.
      I hope you have recovered from the traumatic incident.

  3. Sherri says:

    My niece did what she had to do! Witnesses took videos of him slamming her against a barrier! And choking her !

    1. Vins says:

      I love how bystanders can video an assault, but no one will step in to assist. What’s wrong with people?!

      1. Ed says:

        That would screw up their chance at a decent video they could post on YouTube. Can’t save a life and record a video at the same time

      2. Kelly Robinson says:

        Well, even so, the video is good evidence; still I also agree that someone who is physically and/or psychologically CAPABLE of intervening, should.

      3. Robert says:

        Liberalism that’s what’s wrong.

        1. Christopher H says:

          Robert without liberalism you wouldn’t be enjoying many of the freedoms and civil rights you likely are a big fan of today.. The problem is not just liberalism or conservatism.. The problem is when ideologues on either side talk AT each other, instead of TO each other.

          1. Larry M says:

            Christopher H. Check the history. The Democrat party (the party of liberals) were the ones who created the KKK and who voted against freeing blacks. Regarding “civil rights,” do you mean like when white men are excluded from job consideration because a black man is desire by the employer as per the practice of “affirmative discrimination?”

    2. Danny says:

      Hope Aubrey is doing well! She did what she had to do!
      God bless her!

    3. USARMYSNIPER says:

      She did a great job of protecting herself!

    4. M says:

      Amen – glad she was armed and survived this brutal road rage attack.

    5. Russ Hamilton says:

      Seriously? I would have been right there….

    6. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Yes she did! She is a brave woman who should be proud. I am glad she was armed that day and is still with us. Much love to your whole family.

    7. Mickey says:

      She did exactly what needed to be done. Glad she survived.

    8. Robert says:

      Glad she is OK he had it coming!

    9. Sherri Messina says:

      Your niece did nothing wrong! I’m amazed at her strength and perseverance through this horrific incident that was caused by an idiot with a short fuse!

    10. John l Watson says:

      The people who shot the videos and did not attempt to assist the young lady being attacked are as guilty as the attacker. From what I read, it appears that she “allowed” herself to be brutalized before she resorted to deadly force. Lock and load young lady, only God has the right to take your life!

  4. Troy Slaten says:

    Kudos to her for smoking this piece of garbage. EVERY law abiding citizen should have their ccdw and be trained how to use it. I NEVER leave the house without my firearm. NEVER !!!!!!

    1. PawPaw Stu says:

      Amen!! Same here!! I’m disabled…and I am not about to become a victim!!

    2. DirtyD says:

      I don’t even go to the crapper without mine

  5. Allen says:

    I for one am glad she was able to toe tag that criminal. He saw an
    “easy” target for his road rage and thought he would teach her a lesson instead he gotwhat he had coming a bullet center mass stopping his rage forever. If families of criminals shot in the process of committing a crime can sue the person that shot them (only in some states) why can’t the real victim of the crime sue the family of the perpetrator. It only seems fair.

  6. Matthew says:

    What’s so stupid about this article is the following: “It begs the question of how many other of these so-called “victims” are actually perpetrators.”

    The answers 14% dingus. It’s in the about section. LOL


    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      I was more referring to the bigger picture beyond just this website, but thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Randy Paling says:

    Great job,got that crazy off the streets.

  8. Veronica says:

    Soo, this website believes it would have been better for her to be beaten to death or strangled because then there would be no gun violence? She did not shoot a man, she shot a 60 year old piece of shit

  9. Hello, I work on the Gun Memorial page and I would like to state this I totally understand your point of view, but we are not here to “Memorialize” anyone innocent OR guilty, this site is not FOR the victims at all. It is for the families of those people who have died by a gun. The pages we post are not to glorify the criminals that carry out the crimes, we post it for the family who are hurting because not only did they lose a son/brother/father/mother/sister or whatever, they had to live with what their loved one did. This is a page for the FAMILY of victims, men women and children and yes even the bad people have family who need to mourn them. This was not THEIR fault, and this is for the family to grieve their loss.
    I do apologize for making you feel this way, it was never intended to make it look like we are Memorializing anyone.

    1. Michael Foster says:

      You say you aren’t memorializing them, but now 167 people have lit a candle for a man who jumps out of his car in a rage and beats a woman? Let’s see what other types of sites let users light candles for the dead? Obituary sites that make memorials for them? Let’s not be silly here. You are trying to defend yourself because this guy was dirt, he attacked and attempted to kill a young lady and she had no choice but to defend herself the way she did. You hate to admit that if she didn’t have a gun someone would need to write a memorial for her.

    2. William Solis says:

      light a candle for Hitler also, he supposedly chewed on his own .380. What insanity, these people have absolutely no couth, tack or decency..

    3. dg54321 says:

      “This was not THEIR fault, and this is for the family to grieve their loss.”

      This is so you can lie about the criminal to perpetuate a false narrative of victimhood, where none exists.

      “I do apologize for making you feel this way, it was never intended to make it look like we are Memorializing anyone.”

      The site is literally called “gunmemorial.org”. Why do antis lie through their teeth and expect ANYBODY to believe them when the truth is right in front of us? Only those as dishonest and mentally ill as them would fall for such a thing.

    4. Kevin McCabe says:

      You have some nerve. You say you are not memorializing this piece of garbage, yet over 160 people are doing that very thing, and making the young woman who bravely and legally defended herself out like a criminal and pariah. Yeah, Jones’ family should grieve and also be shamed for not getting that man help for anger management issues. He is not a victim, he was a scumbag for doing what he did.

    5. trumpblast says:

      That man was a criminal caught red handed in an act of attempted murder and the oonly way to stop him was to kill him because no one tries to help the victim I suggest you remove his photo because of his criminal action do not rate your mercy to his family !!!

    6. John Chapman says:

      Some people deserve to die, and by their actions selected that outcome. You and yours would make sure that, relatively speaking, women would be at the mercy of abusive men. Your end game is the demonization of everyone who didn’t do it — armed noncriminals who it politically convenient to attack. It is a lot like the Salem witch trials, except less scientific.

    7. Smalltown Roger says:

      The only people who need to really be worried about the folks who were shot or the ones who were true victims the folks were robbed the folks were raped as for scumbags who are out there trying to commit violence the reason I have a concealed carry permit is so that I don’t wind up being a Chalk Outline it’s better the punk who tries to do something gets it then and I do and if his mommy has to cry about it while that’s just too bad the guy’s wife was in the car with him what’s the matter with this damned freak lots of damned freaks out there and I think you people are some sorts of damned freaks Trayvon Martin another gang banger Punk wannabe is on your website they scrubbed his social media completely as soon as he was dead although some people did get some pictures showing him doing gang banger shit you guys are creating the problem you’re not helping at all.
      And I’m sure Affair number these people are Crips Bloods Latin Kings and this becomes a big Memorial site for them so that way you go out you get yourself Smoked by somebody that you thought you were going to jack and now you are in a memorial page forever real sweet that’s the sort of thing that they like. dumbasses.

    8. Genius says:

      YOU, are a fool.

  10. Chuck says:

    Are you really worried about the opinions of 90 people? Even 900,000 people would still be less than 1% of the population. Stop giving these people way more credit than they deserve.

  11. EddyRoberts says:

    Liberals lie it is who they are.

    1. Only problem is that this never happened in any anti-gun group. If I am wrong I will accept the liberal fury but I am not

  12. David M. Gross says:

    This reminds me of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), which was been disbanded as the fraud that it was, in 2014. Meanwhile, in 2013, as reported June 19, 2013 in Mediaite, by Evan McMurry:
    “On his show Wednesday night, Sean Hannity asked Fox contributor Michelle Malkin about an anti-gun rally in which slain Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name was read as a victim of gun violence.

    The rally was held by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s heavily-funded pro-gun control organization, which apologized for the inclusion of Tsarnaev’s name. ”
    These people consciously ignore the context of right and wrong, lawful and unlawful, in order to spew their extreme nonsense.
    The same was also reported by ABC News on June 19, 2013 concerning the “No More Names” Bus Tour listing Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name as a “victim” of so-called “gun violence.”
    These people are insane, without values, without judgment.

  13. Ronny says:

    Chances are good his family is glad he’s gone. People should light farts in his honor, not candles.

  14. Mike Fredricey says:

    Rather sanctimonious of them to suggest their only motive is to lift the friends and family of the deceased. I’m not buying it for a second. Why, then, not open the site to all victims of untimely death. No, this is to skew statistics and harbor sympathy for a specific cause. The cause is gun-grabbing!

  15. Charles says:

    Hopefully he did not die instantly. Hope he suffered and was able to process the price he just paid for his stupidity.

  16. Bernie says:

    Taken from the gun memorial page. “Our position is that if an incident is significant enough that a responsible gun owner fears for their life and determines a need to threaten lethal force it is significant enough to report to police so law enforcement can stop that perpetrator from harming someone else.”
    They keep claiming to not be biased but the site is showing to be very obviously biased.

  17. Wes says:

    I’m glad she is alive……Id also like to address the fact that she was riding a motorcycle in February in Washington??? wtf?!?!?!?!

    1. Scott says:

      What’s your point about riding a motorcycle in Washington in February?

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