I’ve started making it a habit to check the “Gun Violence Memorial” website anytime I hear of a justified death by firearm.  These gun grabbers waste no time adding evil perpetrators who were killed in self defense to their website. Gotta pump those numbers up, right?  Today I checked for the murderer from Saturday’s Odessa, TX shooting spree and as expected, they’ve set up a page for him, even allowing people to light virtual candles in his honor.

I’ve written about this disturbing “Gun Violence Memorial” website before, most recently when they honored the Dayton, OH shooter as well.  They claim to be about honoring victims of gun violence, keeping daily stats, and allowing people to light candles for lost loved ones.  On the surface it sounds genuine, until you start digging deeper and realize they also “honor” perpetrators who are killed justifiably, whether by their victims or by law enforcement.  If a gun is used, they’re honored.

This website gets their information from the “Gun Violence Archive” another website which on the surface sounds honest, but again, they also count perpetrators as gun violence victims to pump up their numbers, as well as create their own definitions of “mass shooting” to drive hysteria and instill fear. Did you hear the recent mass shooting number for 2019 as 283?  Yeah, they got that from them.  We’ve debunked the Gun Violence Archive’s mass shooting numbers before (and I’ll be doing it again soon).  Click here to read more on that.

I wrote last year about the memorializing of a 60 year old man who was killed in self defense by a 23 year old woman while he was bashing her head into the guardrail during a Washington road rage incident.  In that instance, eventually the push back to the “Gun Memorial” site was so massive they removed him.  Good.  They should remove Seth Ator too.  In fact, they should remove anyone who was justifiably killed by firearm.  Guns also save lives.  They did for that young woman in Washington, and they did this past weekend in Odessa, TX.

Real, honest conversations need to be had about these tragedies, but when those wishing to disarm us use such dishonest tactics to sway public opinion, they can’t be taken seriously.  And I must ask the question: does memorializing mass shooters lead to more mass shooters?  

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms must always be defended!
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6 thoughts on “Gun Violence Website Honors Odessa, TX Shooter As “Gun Violence” Victim

  1. boots patriot says:

    this is a lie he was never on there instead of posting bullshit why dont you get your rifles and fight tyranny your a bunch of desk jockies collecting money thru paypal your called “paypal patriots” youtube is full of them!

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      LMAO. It’s right here: http://gunmemorial.org/2019/08/31/seth-aaron-ator

      And you clearly know nothing about our organization.

      1. Patriot Solutions says:

        Boots Faketriot gave me an idea, send this over to Ammoland for multiprong mass distribution effect.

    2. Patriot Solutions says:

      The radical left speaks, demands violence.
      It’s how we know we are over the target.

  2. Patriot Solutions says:

    If Americans are still brainwashed into thinking rights can be removed through due process then rights do not exist. Know the law. Your Esquire will never tell you this because your ignorance is demanded by the banksters to keep Sheep in the pen and your Esquire works for them.


  3. Patriot Solutions says:

    Hawkins article backed with CDC stats indicates “gun control” is based upon lies and if you remove the fatalities of active shooters and intentional false flag related deaths the 1.1 daily death number drops below a single digit of 1. Thus blowing (no puns intended) a hole big enough in unconstitutional and illegal agenda that a person could fly a mothership through it.


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