Gun Memorial Website Honors Dayton, OH Mass Shooter As Gun Violence Victim Connor Betts

I’ve written about this disturbing “Gun Violence Memorial” website before.  A website that claims to be about honoring victims of gun violence, keeping daily stats, and allowing people to light candles for lost loved ones.  On the surface it sounds genuine, until you start digging deeper and realize they also “honor” perpetrators who are killed justifiably, whether by their victims or by law enforcement.  This website gets their information from the “Gun Violence Archive” another website which on the surface sounds honest, but again, they also count perpetrators as gun violence victims to pump up their numbers. Did you hear the recent mass shooting number for 2019 as 251?  Yeah, they got that from them.  We’ve debunked the Gun Violence Archive’s mass shooting numbers before (and I’ll be doing it again soon).  Click here to read more on that.

It should have come as no surprise to me that one of the latest “gun violence victims” listed on the Gun Memorial site is 24 year old Connor Betts, the mass murderer who killed 9 and injured 27 when he opened fire at popular nightlife area of Dayton, OH this past weekend.  Betts was killed within minutes by police – with a firearm – and because the officer used a firearm, Betts is now another stat, another “gun violence” victim that the anti-gun left is using to push their agenda.  This particular scenario is especially disgusting as they are also using the real victims as well to push for all sorts of gun control, including dangerous “Red Flag” Extreme Risk Protection Order laws.  

Gun Memorial Website Honors Dayton, OH Mass Shooter As Gun Violence Victim Connor Betts

But honestly, it did come as a surprise to even me that this anti-gun group is so hell bent on twisting their numbers to fit their narrative that they would memorialize this particular evil perpetrator.  At the time of this writing, three people have already lit a candle for Betts.  And I must ask the question: does memorializing mass shooters lead to more mass shooters?  

The Denver Westword often uses this same website to validate their stories about gun ownership and/or violence.  And they should be ashamed.

I wrote last year about the memorializing of a 60 year old man who was killed in self defense by a 23 year old woman while he was bashing her head into the guardrail during a Washington road rage incident.  In that instance, eventually the push back to the “Gun Memorial” site was so massive they removed him.  Good.  They should remove Connor Betts too.  In fact, they should remove anyone who was justifiably killed by firearm.  Guns also save lives.  They did for that young woman in Washington, and they did this past weekend in Dayton, OH.

13 thoughts on “Gun Memorial Website Honors Dayton, OH Mass Shooter As Gun Violence Victim

  1. Patriot Solutions says:

    Oh that’s nothing. Trump is going full blown red flag gun confiscation over an obvious false flag perpetrated by the gov. Gov created social divisions and then blames Americans for being divided. The old divide and conquer strategy. Trump the non racist is the guy who got sued years ago by the Federal gov for having a separate/different rental contract for black people and is today in the White House saying we must all get along that he is not a racist it’s them the other guy due to he is from GOD. They are so perfect and pure in every way these dishonest elitists. Legends in their own minds. Trump, Nancy, Chucky, Hillary et’al are chilling out together behind the scenes getting liquored up on our dough laughing at how they are screwing us all over and debating where they are holding the next mass shooting event while calling Putin on the hot line and calling him a racist and they all laugh together trading racial jokes that would make Archie Bunker proud.
    Disclaimer: I am far from a perfect person and despise others claiming perfection because they lie, lie, lie.

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      Or is Trump the master of psyop?


  2. Patriot Solutions says:

    Pedo’s, Disney & “gun control”.



    Do now,
    Research on line the pedophile network recently rounded up at Disney Land and how it is connected to Epstein pedo death cult and how the death cult are your gun grabbers to learn how America is deeply subverted.

    Be Awakened.

  3. Patriot Solutions says:

    Dayton Shooter false flag /Darpa operation connected to Epstein and all those pesky traitors in and out of gov that want to take your guns to facilitate your extermination aka sacrificing you to Baal = psyop exposed.

    All will be revealed so get strapped and enjoy the ride because we have only begun to venture down the rabbit hole.
    Welcome to the great awakening.

  4. Patriot Solutions says:

    Threat or patriQt?
    Psyop or just a casual shopper?
    How do you loosen overly tight gun laws and knee jerk reactions?
    How many new pro gun lawsuits filed recently in federal courts and Supreme Courts across the country by the same legal team of highly skilled AttQrney’s? and, why doesn’t anybody know about them and, why is this not in the news?
    If only everything was a simple as you are told it is. Eyes on the ball……………………………

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      Gone national!
      Springfield Police Dept. has new owner and he looks like a patriQt.
      This patriQt just hit the lotto.
      Q works in mysterious ways.
      How many more instant millionaires do we have ready to get rich in America?

      1. Patriot Solutions says:

        Restoration of the Republic under way on Republic Rd.
        Who’s going to be the winner?
        PatriQts in control!

        1. Patriot Solutions says:

          All the rage now.
          Who’s going to be the next instant millionaire?
          How many millionaires are police going to create?
          Possession of a firearm is not unlawful, crime is unlawful.
          Asking for papers just because open carry of a lawful item absent any crime is harassment, profiling and blatantly unconstitutional.
          Reverse brainwashing underway.

  5. Patriot Solutions says:

    Incriminating evidence of treason made public, arrests pending.
    Prepare for false flag mass shooting events by the criminals of the Clintonista deep state global cabal of pedophilia and murder.

  6. Patriot Solutions says:

    Patriot criminally charged for terrorist threat for being in compliance to the law due to the feelings of others now supersedes your rights. Police say he is lucky to be alive even though cops took El Paso shooter alive after killing 22. Antifa on video armed across America no criminal charges. Antifa has rights Patriots have none. Antifa has long history of terrorist attacks with no accountability while Patriots get criminally charged for not breaking laws. Sheep shop unarmed, mass shooters count on that. ALL terrorist attacks are false flag operations and look how well they work to control the sheep. Attorney says there would not have been a criminal charge for the Patriot but since Antifa shot up El Paso the Patriot has no rights. Is anybody else livid over this?
    Certainly I can’t be alone in recognizing the country no longer belongs to Americans when this kind of thing is going on.
    Doesn’t WalMart sell Antifa gear, guns & ammo, camo’s, hunting gear and gun accessory’s and gun cleaning gear, boots and baseball caps?
    Would the Patriot have been more accepted if he wore an Antifa mask sold by WalMart?
    Mass shooters are identifiable by the shooting they engage in that leaves bodies on the ground and now in America anybody with a gun in public is a terrorist making a threat?
    WalMart evacuates store due to US Constitution and the Patriot is at fault? Rights now subject to how others feel?
    If they actually convict him of a crime this case needs to go to USSC and there is a lengthy list of lawsuits to be filed on behalf of this Patriot.
    There are guys carrying those black guns over here right by WalMart so I guess they are now terrorists? What about the young girls at the Walmart in Southern Colorado carrying guns due to the gangs in the parking lot waiting for them to come out to rape and kidnap them are those girls terrorists now? They say he used poor judgment bringing guns to shop a store chain where 22 people were just gunned down in cold blood and I say that is exactly what the Constitution enshrines 2A for. Government fails to protect it’s citizens and disarms you so you can’t protect yourself and labels you a terrorist for attempting to be an American. I remember after Orlando Trump said that if patrons were armed there might have been a different out come. Please explain to me how this is any different, I’m waiting.
    I am pissed this young man is being treated like this and I wish I was on his jury.
    I see a new millionaire being born and a reinforcement in Constitutional rights.

  7. Patriot Solutions says:

    When Americans begin to wake up to the fact that these mass shooting events are 100% staged false flags then perhaps you will stop surrendering your rights to the criminals you know as Government.

  8. Patriot Solutions says:

    Ban MK Ultra false flags.

  9. Anon says:

    Of course they memorialize these folks.
    To them the inanimate objects are the killer, not the one operating it via their perverted , hate filled mind.
    It would be intolerant to call out a human as responsible, right ?
    Of course, if someone uses a fist or a knife to kill, then the scenario changes, huh?
    It’s all about removing firearms so the totalitarians can have, well, total control.

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