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Rally for our Rights is excited to announce our latest effort to get three different billboard designs out around Colorado!  We’ve just begun the fundraising effort to make this happen.  The more we raise, the more creative and strategic we can be with our placement.  There are options of digital billboards available that will rotate to different locations, as well as your traditional roadside billboards.  We want to use all to get the most bang for our buck!

gun rights save lives billboard colorado rally for our rights
With the recent elections turning Colorado bluer than blue, we are expecting to see gun control legislation worse than even 2013 when three Democrat state legislators were recalled over gun bills.  These billboards are an opportunity to grow our member base to allow us to better fight this legislation, as well as engage the average citizen who typically becomes apathetic between elections.  It’s time to pay attention!

You can support this effort by making a donation and sharing our GoFundMe here:

Mailing a contribution to:

Rally for our Rights
PO Box 721
Johnstown, CO 80534

Or donating directly to Rally for our Rights via credit/debit card or PayPal by clicking here. 

Please note: These are mock-ups only!  The final versions will be created by the billboard company graphics designer and will utilize all available space.  

gun rights medical malpractice AR15 billboard colorado rally for our rights

Gun control advocates have already placed billboards outside of Boulder, CO, and we expect them to continue.  These are what those looked like…

Gun control billboard boulder colorado rally for our rights Gun control billboard boulder colorado rally for our rights


4 thoughts on “Want To Help Fund Gun Rights Billboards in Colorado? Here’s How!

  1. John bass says:

    Remember the 2nd amendment
    And again take away the guns then you have all criminals that have guns and they start shooting anyone to get their way and the only way to stop this crap is a law bidding gun owner so break into my home and the bad guy will be delt with gun and I will protect my life and my family so stop crying about all the assault weapon because if you want gun free country move to another country that has no guns but only the bad guys that will have guns

  2. Red Eagle says:

    Every weapon used in an assault is an assault weapon. Hammer, 2 x 4, pick Axe, Pharmaceuticals, GMO’s, Fluoride put in our water, chem trails dripping from our skies onto land, animals, and humans, weather modification, abortions, and vaccines! The disarming of citizens is nothing more than Communism running rampant. NWO double speak!!

  3. TheHolyCrow says:

    Bone up on the Supremacy Clause (Article 6) of the US Constitution. Any laws that do not comply with the Constitution are null and void from inception, and no one has a duty to enforce or obey them.

  4. Richard Shepherd says:

    Gun control isn’t about ” method or tools of violence”. It’s about PEOPLE control, and it is evident the political leanings and positions advocated by the leadership of gun ban movements and organizations clearly reveal they are about heavy handed socialism, Marxism, and silencing of those
    who stand for the liberty envisioned by the founders of this nation .

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