Colorado Student Removed From School Indefinitely For Going Shooting With His Mom

Justine Myers is your pretty average northern Colorado mom.  She loves her kids, supports the troops, praises our first responders, and owns firearms. On Wednesday, Justine picked up her 16 year old son Nate early from school for some mother-son bonding time – she took him shooting, a common northern Colorado hobby.

After a fun afternoon, they return home and get settled in – and the police show up.  Nate had posted on his Snapchat that he was going shooting with his mom along with this video (for those who need a little help translating the slang kids use these days “Finna be lit” basically means “Going to be a good time”.)…

And here’s a video of him shooting with his mother, who can be heard instructing him:

A report had come in to the police department about the video and they were told Nate was a threat.  After showing the videos to the police officers and explaining that they’d simply gone on a mother-son outing to train with their legally owned firearms, the police stated that they had done nothing illegal and were well within their rights.  They also determined Nate was not a threat to himself or anyone else, and went on their way.

But it wasn’t over.

This morning Justine woke up to a voicemail from Thompson Valley School District where Nate is a junior at Loveland High School in Loveland, CO.  The voicemail informed Justine that a report had come in claiming Nate was a threat to the school and he was not allowed to return until further notice. The report presumably came through Safe 2 Tell.  There are reports that a school wide email was also sent to parents about the “threat”.   Justine immediately contacted the school assuming she could easily clear things up, especially since the police had already assessed the situation and realized no one had done anything wrong or made any threats.  She was wrong.  The school not only refused to provide her with more information about the “threat”, but they refused to provide Nate with schoolwork so he doesn’t get behind.  A “threat assessment hearing” has been scheduled for Thursday morning at 10am at the school admin building where Justine will be allowed to defend her son against SEVEN school officials who will be in attendance to, as she was told, “make their case”.  Make their case of what?  That Nate’s outing with his mother to train with her firearms somehow makes him a danger to the school?

I spoke with Justine, as well as two different attorneys who specialize in Second Amendment issues.  The bottom line is the school is legally within their rights at this time.  According to the attorneys, the school has a protocol that must be followed when a report of a threat comes in through Safe 2 Tell or other means, even if the report is completely false – and there is nothing parents or students can legally do about it, even with a lawyer.  If the student is charged or further action is taken, that changes.  This is why students have dubbed Safe 2 Tell as “Safe 2 Swat”, referencing the act of “swatting“, a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person’s address.  The person who will face no repercussions?  The false accuser.  As for Nate, he has aspirations to join the military and is now worried this incident will go on his permanent school record with far-reaching implications.

If this happens to you or your child, what should you do?

1.) Don’t talk to the police.
2.) Be prepared for a visit from CPS.
3.) Consider moving your firearms to safe place until it is cleared up.
4.) Contact us for lawyer referrals and moral support.

We’ve had some people accuse us of this story being fabricated.  We don’t fabricate stories. The mother is a member of our organization and we reached out to help her.  We have both email and voicemails from the school but chose to not publish them out of fear of readers doxxing the school employees (something we’d rather not be held legally liable for). The story is breaking. Click here for another source.

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62 thoughts on “Colorado Student Banned From School For Going Shooting With His Mom

  1. Steve honen says:

    Clearly much ado about nothing. I took my grandsons shooting a couple weeks ago, and posted on line, and nofobybwent nuts.

    1. Ken says:

      Well this kid wasn’t as lucky so it’s CLEARLY a bigger deal than you think

      1. Amy says:


        1. Eric Foster says:

          Update please.

    2. David Powers says:

      Precisely how proposed “red flag” laws will be abused.

      1. Jan says:

        Four of my grandchildren went through 4H shooting sports training. This hysteria about guns is just nuts!

        1. Chester adams says:

          At least his mother was being a parent and teaching the correct way to use and safety and to be responsible handling the gun

      2. 100 % correct ! The libatards will distort,lie ,blow any gun action waaaaaay out reason that they can !!!! Do not ever trust the left/commies !!

    3. Kevin says:

      How is it not a big deal just because it didnt happen to you? Weird comment.

      1. Frank says:

        Describe first how it was a big deal. Describe the the threat.

        Describe how exercising constitutional rights is a threat

  2. Adam Kirk says:

    Why would I support a program that claims “The bottom line is the school is legally within their rights at this time. ”
    Clearly their protocol is allowing a hate crime to occur at the hands of the school enforcing an unjust punishment on nothing more than slander.

    1. Ben Soelberg says:

      That is the unfortunate reality of Safe 2 Tell and now the Red Flag bill. This can happen, this kid will be labeled a threat and that will follow him the rest of his life. Once proven false he may get back in school, but to what avail? He will always have that following him, he will likely have to change schools to get away from the stigma. And what about the person that falsely called Safe 2 Tell? Nothing at all. Same with Red Flag calls. This has to stop!!

      1. L says:

        The meme is real

        1. L says:

          Lmao wrong comment

  3. SirGregor says:

    It would be a real mess if a large number of people were to call Safe2Tell and report that they feel certain “school officials” are threats. What an awful thought. I hope nobody would actually do such a thing. Those poor school board members would need to be put on leave while all of it gets straightened out. Hopefully, this would never happen.

    1. Laura says:

      And how horrible that they’re NOT getting a paycheck until this is cleared up!! 👿👿🤬

      1. David Edmonds says:

        So you saying kids are not allowed to fire a gun under supervision because its a threat so you are saying kids cannot defend their self from danger from others so you are saying kids cannot go hunting but what you are saying is a kid cannot touch fire or own a gun while in school who made you judge an jury of what a kid does off school property maybe we need to look into the adults at the school when they are not on school property to see their habits that might suprise you

        1. Pam says:

          Very good point

    2. Laura says:

      And how horrible that they’re entire salary would be cut off until this is cleared up!! 👿

    3. Laura says:

      Lol, my bad, I didn’t think the first one went through! I got booted all the way back to Facebook when I hit the “post comment” button, & Facebook froze and restarted 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

      1. Heaven says:

        This is just outrageous with what this school is doing and all because of a false report to safe2tell that person should be responsible and repamaned for their actions in all of this. I’m glad I don’t live in Colorado anymore. I have 2 guns and both my children know not to mess with them and one day we will be teaching them how to use them and have them both go through gun safety classes. And then be taken to the firing range for practice and proper practice.

        1. rip_vw23 says:

          You mean, you HAD two guns – damn boating accident and the speed with which the guns plummeted to the bottom of the lake!

    4. L says:

      The meme is real

    5. I’m 100% in favor of your comment!it would be a SHAME if those corrupt school officials got a taste of their own medicine!

      1. John says:

        I see what y’all did there!!

    6. Joe says:

      Unfortunately, many school bureaucrats are the real threat. They have the ability to threaten families, force thinking, and recommend hallucinogenic drugs to children of all ages. Perhaps all this Safe2Tell, “hate crime” and red flag nonsense will stop when the lawmakers are subjected to the same consequences as the lawful citizen.

  4. nora says:

    the safe to tell program has become a way that kids are using to bully other kids. it has become a joke, not at all what it was intended for. our society has gone nuts. they condone illegals flowing unchecked across out border but threaten out second amendment rights daily

  5. Connie Zimmermann says:

    Obtain a psychiatric evaluation? I’m not in agreement with that, although I can understand why it was suggested. But I’m totally not in agreement.

    1. Patriot Solutions says:

      I hardly doubt sending a kid off to the MK Ultra program is going to be wise so I agree with you Connie.

  6. Kevin says:

    And this is how “Red Flag” laws work.

    1. Lefty says:

      This should require the principal to resign and the school board to be recalled. Swatting at its worst and a preview of any “Red Flag Laws”.

  7. Daniel P McGrath says:

    Simple dont post anything if under age with mom or dad. it’s wrong but we have to play the game. In the age of social media and that is all these kids have communicated with don’t post it. Sad but you now have learned how posting can turn back on you, your parents, your future. Just keep the pictures for yourself.

    1. Kelly says:

      I disagree. More activities like this need to be shared, and often. Time to normalize these activities once again. If we hide, its gets pushed further and further away from the main stream and is more and more considered abhorrent as opposed to normal.

      1. Lorallyne Darlen says:

        I agree with Kelly. Shouldn’t have to hide your legal rights. The day may come you have to protect some hackey sack ,man-bun bongo player from the Red Dawn!

  8. ANON says:

    Be extremely careful with sharing info. Even back in the early 90s, when I submitted letters to the editor which were pro Second, a fellow employee deposited one of them with a manager , no doubt to get me in trouble. Fortunately the mgr was the action was it for was, and ignored it. Today, who knows what would have occurred.
    We are in a cultural war, be a warrior and be smart.
    These Marxists , and ignoramuses, won’t change their polluted no d’s on the subject, so be anonymous as possible with leaflets and such to spread the good word.
    Only share your passion with those of like mind.
    Social media will be used against you.
    Keep your goodies hidden.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This article states “There are reports that a school wide email was also sent to parents about the “threat”.” We have a student at this school and I have spoken with many other parents with students at LHS all in different grades and not one person received any email or communication. Also this is the only site reporting on this. And we are wishing to remain unknown for fear of repercussions.

    1. Lesley Hollywood says:

      Other parents did say they got an email, which is why we said there were “reports”. This story literally just broke today and we don’t consider ourselves a “news outlet” although we do write about important stories. Other news sources are currently working on this. You can expect them to cover it tomorrow.

    2. Also anonymous says:

      My son told me this morning this happened – he knows Nate and said Nate told him he was going shooting with his mother and then the cops showed up at his house, and he was suspended. I also did not get an email so I don’t know where that came from but this most definitely happened.

    3. Sherry says:

      The Safe 2 Tell program, like the “See Something, Say Something” program are communist in origin. This is to get young ppl accustomed to being able to anonymously snitch on others. In this country, we have a constitutional right to face our accuser.

  10. DONNA SKINNER says:


  11. Frank Giuliano says:

    It must have been a bleeding-heart, tree-hugging, millennial liberal democRAT who filed this anonymous complaint / accusation

  12. Live in Fear says:

    If this is not cyberbullying, than what is it?

  13. STEVE H says:

    Our country and our rights are screwed because of liberal f***s like this. More power to the mom or parent for teaching the child about gun handling and safety.
    Guns don’t kill people. Criminal a holes kill people. This hurts my heart about our great country… And the Sh*t road we are going down…

  14. Colorado Conservative says:

    Share this link with everyone and then tell them to contact the Thompson School District right away. Here are the emails for Superintendent Schaffer, Asst. Superintendent Kryah, TSD Cabinet Members. TSD Board of Education Members, Public Information Officer Hausmann, and LHS Principal Ball:
    [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

    The more feedback they get from legal, law-abiding gun owners, the better.

  15. Paul R says:

    To be clear, i am not postjng this as a threat nor as a suggestion, bug rather as a legitimate question.
    I wonder how many of the teachers or other faculity members at this school go shooting and what would happen to them if someone reported that they were out at a range and possibly a threat to the safety of the students? Would the school board immediately put them on leave pending an investigation.
    Anither question i have is how does the school feel about people in tge Scoutjng programs since there are merit badges for shooting sports? Are all Scouts a threat to the community?

  16. Juan Lopez says:

    Time for a lawsuit plain and simple

  17. henry bowman says:

    1099 your work-eligible child into an LLC with an FFL, even an C&R license or make him co-trustee/beneficiary of a gun trust. Throw THAT into their face.

  18. GunnyGene says:

    There’s much more of this kind of thing going on around this country, than just this one relatively minor incident. It’s a huge mistake to look at these in isolation. Watch this video:

    A Visitor From the Past:

  19. Larah Thomson says:

    I would never provide a psychiatric evaluation in regards to this completely unnecessary especially if there have never been concerns around ones mental health.

  20. Alfread says:

    that school had a gun club when I went to it in 1978 they would show how to shot one safe now they are doing this when someone show there kids how to handle one and be safe that not wright to kick someone out of school for that

  21. Jo Novak says:

    I’d like to know Rally for Our Rights reason for advising against speaking with the police.

    1. Doug says:

      You should never speak to police, unless you’re the witness in a crime. Always get a lawyer, because “Anything you say can be used against you.”

  22. Charles Rosaly says:

    That kid would be less of a threat knowing and being introduced to guns at an early age is mandatory as far as I’m concerned, back in the 50s kids brought their guns to school for shooting class. Today’s Liberals are just having a ball with this stuff, ignorance is bliss!

  23. Fred Cox says:

    An apparent update of this incident… Cop link into browser address bar and click

  24. Craig L Bosley, MD says:

    Actually, he ought to be able to go shooting on his own, if okay with parents. A ‘report of your friends’ system followed by punishment without even a simple phone call is frightening.

    A signed written from the Superintendent and all involved is due this young man and his mother.

    It should also be posted on the school’s and the young man’s FB pages.

    Since there is a panicked type of dread of guns, the high school needs to create a gun club for shooters and develop ways to Edu care staff and students in the Constitution snd the truth about the innocuous nature of guns.

    When in high school, my father was Superintendent and many high school kids has guns in their pickup gun racks, especially during hunting seasons.

    Perhaps fear should be replaced with education.

  25. vweaver says:

    So let’s say the principal of the school posted an Instagram video while preparing dinner with a ‘very dangerous looking’ knife. Now let’s say a ‘concerned citizen’ reported the video to Safe 2 Tell. Can we assume the principal would be immediately suspended pending an investigation? Or is this just about guns, and not actually keeping students safe and treating threats equally?
    This may seem like an exaggerated example, but it is intended to show the potential abuse of these ‘red flag’ laws. There are REAL threats out there, and people who would do us harm if given the opportunity. However, there MUST be standards set as to what threats should be investigated, how they are handled, and how they are resolved….AND be 100% consistent, with no political agenda or bias.

  26. Doug says:

    Curiosity… what time were the videos posted? I have a friend saying they were “during school hours” and that somehow that justifies the fear. I disagree, but just curious.

  27. guest says:

    They should now be exempt from the school property tax, since they are being charged for a service which is not being provided.

  28. Kelley McCollum says:

    Cherry Creek School Endeavor Academy is suspending my 17 year old daughter for posting a picture of herself next to her 22 year old brother holding a gun. ( He was in the ARMY) She was holding a handgun and her brother is holding a PSA PA-15 rifle. The school states “she did not violate any policies” and “ When we see pictures of a 17 year old holding an assault rifle it sends panic through our building” (again she was not holding the rifle he was NOT HER she was holding the hand gun) I asked why?. They couldn’t give me any answer? I asked if she made any threats or was angry or was aggressive or posturing or upset. They said “no”. I asked if she violated any Cherry Creek policies. They said “no”. They then told me she has been suspended for 5 days. I told them she is holding a hand gun not and “assault rifle and the caption in the picture states “Me and my legal guardian are going to the gun range to practice gun safety and responsible gun ownership while getting better so we can protect ourselves while also using the first amendment to practice our second amendment.” My daughter was wearing something called a Shemaqh. This a face covering her brother gave her from the military. Her brother is a retired Military hero from the Army. He was injured while fighting for our country. He often takes his sister and I her mother to the gun range to practice our shooting. We both enjoy the sport and would like to enter into competitions someday as my daughter is excellent with firearms and training. My daughter has also been kicked off the Volleyball team where she was a major contributor and they were going to the championships and they still cannot give me a reason why. I was told by another student that other students are calling her a “racist” and the school is not doing anything about this. I have contacted the ACLU and am aware they are trampling all over her Civil rights. At no time did she threaten anyone, nor did she intend to ever threaten or even hint at that! She is being bullied and this is not addressed. I have been contacted by Arapahoe county sheriff department but even Aurora PD refused to do anything because as they stated she did not break any laws as well as Arapahoe county! I would like to share this story with you.

  29. Jesus says:

    Yall fuckin kidding right

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